Dear friends, today we want to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Ajax. Then we will conclude from the talk of this article and the two previous articles that we have put for you below the link.

Advantages and disadvantages of AJAX

Given the examples of AJAX applications, the major benefits of using them (reducing the number of requests from the server and thus speeding up and improving the user experience) are clear. But are there any drawbacks to using the AJAX technique?

Yes, Ajax, like everything else, has its drawbacks. One of them is that Ajax is Browser-based. This means that your browser must be compatible with it. Not all browsers have this feature.

Some of the browsers that are compatible with Ajax are:

  • Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and above,
  • Netscape version 7.1 and above,
  • Apple Safari 1.2 and above,
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and above.

Another drawback, the first of which is rooted in the latter, is that Ajax relies heavily on the JavaScript programming language. And mobile browsers are not very compatible with this language.

The third drawback, which is security and again related to JavaScript, is that JavaScript code, if not written correctly, creates security problems and hackers can easily access that code.

Summary and Conclusion

  1. Finally, it can be said that AJAX is a technique of using different web design technologies in order to make the work with web pages more interactive and dynamic.
  2. As you can see, using Ajax requires at least some JavaScript, HTML & CSS languages.
  3. Do all web pages or web applications use AJAX? No. As mentioned, Ajax, although very useful and practical, is complex to use and has its own disadvantages.
  4. Given the functionality of AJAX and its role in the development of website design technologies, it can be expected that its shortcomings and disadvantages will decrease day by day and its use will increase day by day.
  5. It is also clear that in addition to mastering the aforementioned programming languages, mastering other topics (which is a subset of web design and programming training topics) is essential to running AJAX properly.
  6. By the way, the name of this concept is Ajax, not Ajax(eye-ax)! Ajax is the name of the football team.

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