A web application is not exactly a website. Also, a web application is not the same as the mobile application you have installed on your mobile. Web application is a software that is very similar to combining application with web design. Therefore, it must be placed in a separate and independent category.

How can we access a web application?

Web application is a software that you can access by typing the URL in your browser. In a web application, like a mobile application, there is not much content that has an educational aspect. Therefore, web application design is based on the function and different capabilities of its use.

The advantage of using this web-based software is that you can use its services at any time of the day or night. In general, web applications can be accessed at any time and in any place. Therefore, individuals and collections have no specific restrictions on its use.

Gmail is a popular web application that is now one of the top e-mail services in the world. The reason for the spread of Gmail web applications in the world is its integrated structure in a variety of advanced devices. So the first characteristic of a web application is its integrated structure.

You can only use the Gmail web application or any other web application if your smart device is connected to the Internet. Otherwise, you can only access your saved information. So the second characteristic of a web application is that user information is stored in it. If you want to know more about web applications, join us.

What is the use of a web application?

All smart tools can be used to log in and use the web application

Web applications can be run on all types of smart devices. Therefore, users do not have any restrictions on choosing the best smart device to enter.

Web applications do not require any additional software to run

Humans tend to use online platforms on a daily basis that are not complicated for them. Running software without the use of other peripherals is the best thing that all users want. The web application has exactly this feature and functionality. In a way that you can use the features and capabilities of the application by typing the web address of the application.

Also, using a web application does not take up even a small amount of users’ RAM. If using mobile applications, some free space of tablet, mobile and laptop RAM will be reduced. Because users do not need to install the application to use the web capabilities.

Users can also access web applications offline

All information is stored in the web application. For example, you can read your unread emails when you do not have internet access. You can even re-read emails you have already read.

Web applications increase SEO

Because everyone can use the web application at any time, the presence of users in this web application is not limited to a specific time. The first advantage that can be considered for a web application is the increase of SEO. If you look at Google’s articles, you will fully understand that nothing can replace the user interaction rate with your site. Because improving the rate of user interaction with the site, has a great impact on site SEO. Sites that users do not interact with will be removed from the competition on the first page of Google. So do not underestimate the effects of web applications on SEO.

Web application displays information based on user behaviors

One of the special features that makes the web application superior to the website is the categorization of products and even information based on the customer persona. Suppose you have a client named Sarah. Sarah is very interested in buying the latest cosmetics and kitchen accessories. Now if Sarah logs in to the web app and uses it at least once, the next time she logs in to that web app; Most of the goods in these two categories will be displayed for him. However, if Sarah visits the site of the same business several times, no product will be displayed according to her wishes.

When customer behavior is intelligently tracked, your products and services reach real customers. Therefore, you do not need to spend a lot of money on advertising to increase sales of a particular type of product.

The speed and accuracy of the web application is high

One of the factors that causes SEO to slow down is the slow loading of images uploaded to the website. This is while the speed of uploading images in the web application is high. In a way that users can do what they want without much thought and time. Because all new information is automatically updated when users log in to web applications online. In addition, because information is displayed in web applications based on user behavior, users can easily access anything they are interested in in the shortest amount of time.

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