As the name implies, a dynamic website means dynamism and instability compared to a static website. In the following, we will read the reason for this naming in detail, and what is a dynamic website?

What is the difference between a dynamic and a static website?

A static website consists of several html pages. This type of website is designed by a professional programmer. It is usually edited once or twice a year. It may look more like an online brochure. Its speed is high because it has a very low code size and SEO of static websites is also a bit easier. But ordinary users can not afford to edit it, which is why today the demand for such websites is very low.

The definition of a dynamic website may be generally applied to all the websites you work with the most; They are dynamic. In other words, all news websites, educational websites, online stores and… are dynamic websites.

Types of dynamic website building

That is why these websites are called dynamic; Which are constantly changing and updating. Dynamic websites are built in two general types. Dynamic websites are designed in different ways.

The first type of dynamic website: Dedicated dynamic website design

The first type, which is very expensive, is the type in which a professional programmer develops from the first code to the last code. The cost of such a design varies depending on the programmer’s background, portfolio, city.

When a programmer designs a website, he also designs an admin panel for the website. This means that the website owner can easily edit and update the content on the site.

Pros of a dedicated website

One of the positive advantages of custom website design is that it is completely personalized. This means that there is no additional code on the website. So very optimally designed. It suffers very well in terms of website speed and SEO.

The downside of a dedicated website

On the downside, we can mention a few: First, when a programmer designs a website; You are wholly affiliated with the developer or company. That is, suppose you have a problem with the programmer and you no longer want to work with the programmer. For example, according to our experience, the programmer intends to immigrate to other countries.

You need to hire another programmer in this situation. It takes months for a new programmer to fully understand the code written by a previous programmer. Because programming has a standard principle; But usually part of a programming project is written as standard and the rest is written by an expert based on his experience and type of programming. This makes it difficult for other programmers to read and edit.

Imagine you have a great website with a lot of customers and high Google inputs and your site is in trouble. Exactly the word disaster can be used at such a time and your customers will probably get angry. And they may leave you forever. Another thing that can be mentioned and said is that if you want a new feature for your website that requires design and different website programming languages, depending on the size of the project, it can be very expensive and also take months to design. Imagine designing and running this section that takes months to fix bugs and programming errors. It is a big problem.

The first type of dynamic website: Dynamic website design using CMS

The second type is the use of cms or content management. In fact, it is a program that can edit, produce content, etc. without the need for programming knowledge. There are various content managers in the market such as Joomla, WordPress, PrestaShop and ,etc. The most popular of which is WordPress.

In this article, when we mention content management system, we mean WordPress. Great websites can be designed with WordPress. Website design in WordPress is divided into two general types:

  • Website design with general template
  • Website design with a dedicated template

The first type is the use of ready-made templates, in this case, professional programmers designed templates for different types of sites, and it is more easy to design beautiful websites.

The second type is for a programmer to design your template in a completely custom way. The difference between a custom template design and a ready-made template is that ready-made templates have a high server request. This means that the volume of code is much higher to meet the different needs of users. The designers of this template model have designed the template more widely to cover all the needs of potential users.

But if you design a dedicated template for your business, your site will be much higher and its SEO will be much better. But the important thing is that even if you have designed a custom template, because it is based on WordPress and the basic structure of your site is WordPress, even if you have a problem with the template designer, changing the programmer is not a problem and can be done much faster.

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