A home computer to which other systems connect and receive services is also a server. In fact, the only difference with other home computers is the ability to connect to the network and provide services to other systems. This is made possible by the programs and settings implemented on it. For example, when you enter different websites in your browser and use their services, you are actually playing the role of the client.

Also, the systems that provide these services to you over the network are called servers. Thus, the World Wide Web is based on the connection of millions of servers and clients, the number of which is increasing day by day. Server usually means slang in terms of web hosting. In the field of web hosting, a server is usually a supercomputer that is much more powerful in terms of hardware than conventional systems.

What does a server do?

Also, these computers will always be connected to the World Wide Web and available. Such servers provide the space needed to store information about websites and other web-based software. Therefore, users will always be able to access the information of these sites and applications. So, when you complete your web design, you need a part of server to upload your files.

Types of servers in terms of communication

Once we know what a server is, we want to get acquainted with the types of servers in terms of communication type.

Network server

If the server has the task of providing services to only a limited number of systems, it is called a network server. Accordingly, these servers are only active in an internal and private network. So the systems in this network are managed by this server and receive their needs and services.

What places are these servers used for?

These servers are commonly used for office suites and companies. Universities, for example, often use the internal network to provide various services to their staff and students. Also in game nets, a system usually acts as a server in the internal network.

Internet server

On the other hand, if the servers of a network communicate with other systems through the World Wide Web, they are called Internet servers. Internet servers are, in fact, super-bright and powerful supercomputers that are in service all day long. Internet servers are divided into different categories in terms of function and type. The most important factor and feature of Internet servers is their security and stability.

What places are these servers used for?

Internet servers are distinguished from each other by using the Nameserver feature. Nameserver is the specific name of each server on the Internet. Nameservers can be likened to the national code of individuals in the real world. Internet servers are used in all businesses that operate on the Internet. Take the Orangency website, for example. All site information, including user interface, user information, instructional videos, and almost anything that can be viewed on the platform from the Orangency site is stored on Web Hosting Canada Internet servers.

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