JavaScript, or js for short, is a web programming language that can modify HTML and CSS code. In previous articles we said that you can easily design a website statically with the help of HTML and CSS. But there is no dynamic function on this page. So, this will not be a dynamic website.

In fact, we need JavaScript to add any animation and mobility to the page elements.

To understand more, consider an example:

In a web page, you can put some images with the help of HTML tags, and with the help of CSS, you can give them a different style and change the layout. But what if we want these images to be displayed as a slider with various effects on the screen? This is where you need to go to the JavaScript language and turn the image album into a dynamic and attractive slider.

What is the JavaScript language?

If we want to look at this language a little more professionally, JavaScript is a popular language based on object(Object Oriented), dynamic and interpretive. This language is used for server-side and user-side programming.

If you are not familiar with these concepts, do not worry, we will discuss them briefly below.

What is an object oriented language?

Object oriented is a way of thinking and programming. In object-oriented programming, the code is subdivided into smaller units, and during the program, these units are linked together to create the final program.

What is an interpreter language?

Interpreter language is a language which code is translated and executed line by line! This language contrasts with compiled languages, where all code is translated and executed at once. Therefore, the execution speed of interpreter languages is slower than compiler languages.

How does JavaScript run?

JavaScript code is executed on the user side by browsers. Browsers have processing engines that can translate and then execute JavaScript code, and finally display the result to the user.

What is the use of JavaScript language?

The JavaScript language has attracted a lot of attention from programmers because of its flexibility. This language is used for user and server side programming.

In addition to web design, JavaScript is also used in mobile and desktop programming.

Another application of this language is the development of web games, creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics.

It is also easier to learn than many other languages. So by learning it, you can easily give a new spirit to your website and have a better user interface by creating different types of animations and various movements for the page elements.

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