A website is a place on the Internet that houses one or more pages. In other words, a set of pages on the Internet that belong to a specific place is called a website. The contents of websites are usually located on a computer called a server, and a set of servers make up the World Wide Web. Each server can accommodate one or more sites.

What is a server?

A server is a computer connected to the Internet that contains one or more websites. Servers must go through certain settings in order to connect to the World Wide Web and, as a result, expose their sites to the public. First of all, a server needs to have its own name in order to stand out from other servers on the World Wide Web, just like in the real world, where each person can be identified by their own name. This feature of servers is called a nameserver.

Different types of servers

Another feature that sets servers apart is the type of software and operating systems that are installed on these computers. For example, a website could be hosted on a server running Windows Server 2003, and another website could be hosted on a server running Linux which we call it Linux host.

Features of a server

Servers are generally powerful computers because they have to meet tens, hundreds, and perhaps thousands of user requests on the Internet. Failure to select a suitable server for the website can lead to a severe drop in site speed and ultimately temporary or permanent site downtime. In more severe cases, this can lead to many hardware failures on the server, such as burning the hard drive, processor, etc.

The same is true in the virtual world or the Internet, as in the real world where every human being has a unique name. Each server (or computer) is identified by a unique identification number, or IP, to distinguish it from other servers, and each website to be distinguished from other websites.

As mentioned, a site consists of several pages. The only question that is unknown here is what a page is made of and how it can be made?

Website programming language

Generally, a web page is nothing more than a computer file located on a server computer. This file needs to follow the rules in order to be displayed correctly in your browser. And those rules are the same HTML code what is used for web design. HTML code is the cornerstone of any web page, and no matter what language is actually used to program and design the web page, it does not affect the existential nature of the HTML language.

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