In simple terms, SEO or Search Engine Optimizationย is a set of actions that are done on your website to have a higher position and rank in Google.

Let us tell you at the outset that if you are a rash person or do not want to wait to get to the first page of Google, it is better to leave this page completely and no longer look for SEO. Instead, head to the Google Ads page and order your plan.

As mentioned above, SEO is a time consuming process and you can not easily take the top position of Google from a competitor and take it to yourself.

SEO is something that you will gradually see its impact on your website and you will not realize its impact at once. You need to beat your competitors regularly and take the place of each one for yourself.

Professional Website Or Cheap Website

As explained above, SEO is a set of techniques that you can use to reach the top rankings of Google. But are all of these techniques acceptable to Google? Is there a difference between these techniques? Why do some people promise to raise your site to high rankings in a few days, but some people announce this period of at least one year? Follow us to answer all your questions.

Different Types of SEO

Black Hat SEO

Before reading this section, be sure to read the white SEO section above. The techniques used in the black hat SEO method are so horrible and harmful that one day they may ruin the credibility of your website. Now the question may arise for you why the websites that have been SEOed in this way have a high position? Well, the answer is quite clear! White SEO takes a long time to prove its results to you, but instead black shows its results quickly. Safe from the day when your opponent does white SEO! Rest assured that if you do black SEO, you will lose your position and give it to your competitor with both hands. The techniques used in black SEO are different, for example, malicious link building (backlinks).

Black Hat SEO