The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) defines user experience as:

User Experience” (UX for short) includes a user’s behaviors, attitudes, and feelings about using a particular product, system, or service. That is, in human-computer interaction, there are practical and valuable aspects and experiences for the user that affect him emotionally and change his feelings.

It was a bit complicated, wasn’t it!?

So let’s get to this definition of user experience a little easier:

User experience is user feedback when using your products or services; In other words, how does the user feel and think when they use your product?

The term user experience was coined by Dr. Donald Norman, a renowned scholar who first emphasized the importance of user-centered design (a theory in which design decisions should be based on the needs and wants of users).

UX in Web Design industry

Websites and Web applications are becoming more sophisticated these days as technology advances. But no matter how much the production process has changed, the success of a website always depends on one issue: how the user receives it.

Questions that come to people mind

Is this web design useful for me? Is it easy to use? Is its use desirable and satisfactory? These are the questions that visitors keep in mind when they come across your website. Answering these questions forms the basis of their decision to become a regular user.

UX design focus

User Experience (UX) design focuses on answering all of the above questions in the affirmative. User Experience (or UX for short) is the feeling that the audience gets when communicating with a system. This system can be a website, a web application or a software. In modern terms it is generally defined as a relationship between man and computer.

Who is an UX designer?

People who work on UX (called UX designers) study and evaluate user’s feelings and experiences about a system. In this process, issues such as ease of use, understanding the value of the system, usability, performance efficiency and the like are examined.

UX designer focus

UX designers also focus on trends and subsystems in a system. For example, in an online store website, designers examine the process of whether the online shopping process from the site is desirable and simple for customers.

Compared to other design principles, especially web-based systems, UX is newer.

What is the difference between user experience and user interface?

The fact is that when it comes to user experience, the User interface(UI) is also subconsciously involved; Because UI and UX have a lot of overlap in both definition and execution, but at the same time, the two can not be considered a common category.

User experience is the user interaction and experience with what we have set before him/her by designing the visual space(web design front-end programming) as the user interface. This means that UX and UI are highly interdependent, and perhaps a large part of the user experience is related to working with the user interface designed for your product or service.

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