If you are a little familiar with the world of web design or web programming, you must have heard the word HTML and wondered what HTML is. In this tutorial article, we want to fully answer the question, what is HTML, what is its use in web design? How does it work? What does it have to do with CSS and…. We will answer everything you need to answer the HTML question in this article and tutorial.

What is HTML?

At the first, we should take a look at its general introduction.

General introduction

To answer the question of what HTML is, we need to be relatively familiar with it. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

If you want to read much more about the history of HTML, Wikipedia is at your service.

The main application of HTML

If we want to answer the question of what is HTML, we must examine the main use of HTML. In this section we want to learn what HTML is and exactly what it does.

If we want to answer the question of what HTML is very simple, we can say:

HTML is a tool or a front-end programming language (Not exactly a web design programming language!) that uses things called tags to build the overall format of web pages. This means that you can use HTML to design the foundation and main structure of your website.

If you are a little familiar with web design, ‌ you must know that web design has 2 main steps:

  • Basic structuring of web pages done with HTML
  • Add visual cues like color and… done with CSS

A good example of real life

If you want to get to know HTML very well and understand exactly what HTML is, one of the best examples of this is the example of a building that we want to look at in this section.

Because the web design process is very similar to the building process, it iss much easier for us to answer the main question.

Suppose you are planning to build a residential complex. The first steps to build a residential building is to build the skeleton and overall shape of the building using cement, concrete, rebar, and so on. In fact, you first make the overall structure of the building and then, using glue, paint and beautify it.

The main goal of HTML

Web design with HTML is exactly the same. HTML helps you define the overall structure of your web page using tags. For example, say where is my menu, where is the header, where is the footer and … .

In fact, HTML helps you to structure the overall body of your web page. And in the next steps, with other tools, you can make the simple web page you designed more beautiful and eye-catching.

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