If you read our article yesterday, you are probably a little familiar with the difference between static and dynamic websites. Today we want to take a closer look at this topic of web design and explain it.

Static website and its applications

Let’s talk a little more about static websites and their features and uses. In addition to CSS, a static site can use a high-level programming language called Javascript. If we say that the static site is simple and basic, we do not mean that it is not possible to have color, image or other visual elements in this site. You can not interact with this site or request it.

The content of the pages on this site does not change and is fixed. The user and his browser have no role in what the content of the page is and how it is displayed. However, if you visit Amazon ‌, the site will know that you are from Canada, and if you want to buy a product, it may tell you that it will not ship this product to Canada. The only possible interaction is to click on the links and fill out the form (for example, the contact form). The number of static site pages is also usually fixed.

As it turns out, there are not many uses for a static site. Static pages and sites can be used in the following cases:

  • Sites that have a small number of pages.
  • Sites or pages that only want to display information to the user to read or print.

Static site and its advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of static sites

Designing and building these sites is less expensive. Having it does not require much skill and complex software. You may not even need to rent a server.

Building static websites also takes a little time because it is not very complicated.

These websites load faster.

It is easier to retrieve information and code from static sites after hacking. Basically, these sites are more secure because they do not take information from the user to store it.

Disadvantages of static sites

There is no such thing as a user experience for static sites, because the user can not do anything on the site to have an experience of interacting with the site.

All static pages have the same HTML structure. For this reason, any change or editing of the structure or content must be done by changing the coding for each page, which is naturally time consuming.

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