A static website is a website that does not need to change much during its lifetime, or if it does, it does not have a time limit. In static web design, all the contents of the website are presented to the web designer and at the same time with the design, its contents will be included inside the page.

Static websites advantages and disadvantages

Static websites can not be updated and edited by the website owner, and the slightest change in it requires contacting the relevant web designer and presenting new content to be placed on each page. The only advantage of such websites is the cost of production, which is less than dynamic websites.

Static websites contents

Static websites were one of the first websites to be designed. In static websites, the information and contents of the website are collected and designed once. Changes to them must be made by the web designer. The site that the customer wants to edit should be such that it does not change the structure of the site. A static website is more suitable for companies that want to be online and the change in their website is limited to a few items per month.

Static websites cost

This method of website design and site optimization usually has a lower initial cost than other methods of website design. There is no control panel on this website that can be used to manage the website or make changes to it. Editing the website, first according to the structure designed for the pages and after the necessary coordination, this information can be changed by the website designers. If we want to make changes to a static site, we have to get help from a web designer. The static website is not economically viable, because no information can be added to the website, and if the site is to be edited, it must be such that the main structure of the site does not change.

Static web design more disadvantages

  • Impossibility of updating the content by the website administrator and the dependence of the website owners on the design company to apply the most minor changes (need a web design specialist to update it)
  • Static websites usually do not rank high in search engines because they are fixed and unchanged, or in other words, the site content is not updated.
  • Lack of regular information updates and as a result having a website with old content
  • Static websites naturally have lower initial costs and higher maintenance costs.
  • Usually, static websites will need to be redesigned after one or two years of design, while dynamic sites have the ability to update and add new features.
  • Minor changes to the site will be costly due to the need to make changes to all pages of the website.
  • Limitation on the number of pages of the website

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