What is the difference between PHP and ASP.NET? Which to choose between ASP.NET and PHP? What are the factors to compare these two web design programming languages? Nowadays, anyone who is looking for web design and its disadvantages subconsciously hears two options that usually one has to choose between these two options to start programming and coding a website and continue it professionally. One is PHP and the other is ASP.NET and its derivatives.

Which one is better in programmers’ opinion?

One of the most important problems in choosing one of these web programming languages is that there is no comprehensive comparison between these two languages in English, you just need to know the difference between ASP.Net and PHP on the Internet in English. Search, you will see that most websites have compared themselves with a pro-approach, if someone is an ASP.NET programmer to support this programming language and beat the programming language PHP scripting and vice versa for PHP programmers.

Which one do we support?

It is true that we are coding with PHP in Orangency, but we are writing this article in the form of a person who wants to enter the world of web programming and has done a lot of research to do so, so rest assured that this article does not support any programming language. And only examine the advantages or disadvantages of these two web programming languages, first introduce ASP and PHP, and then compare the criteria that can be used to compare these two languages, and finally We come to a general conclusion that this general result will definitely not be in favor of a particular programming language and will be the main choice with you. Before you make a choice, we want to explain the difference between these two programming languages ​​so that you can choose between Do not get into trouble with these.

Which one should be chosen?

Both PHP and ASP.NET programming languages ​​are actually server-side scripting languages, or Server Side Scripting, used to design dynamic websites. Dynamic web pages first process the client request on the server side and finally send the result to the user after each visit. The choice between these two scripting languages ​​depends on things like website size, website development capabilities, web hosting costs, support costs and implementation time, and many more. We will pay for most of these.

Factor One: Is the technology used in ASP.NET better or PHP?

The PHP programming language was originally created for writing web scripts, and its main purpose was to reduce the complexity of web programming such as Perl and CGI. PHP was created to allow newcomers to the world of web programming to start working in this field, and for this reason, most simple tasks and small web designs start with this web programming language. And most early professional programmers did not use the language. But over time, due to the increasing development of Open Source software and the increasing use of Open Source language called PHP, the language moved forward very quickly.

.NET or ASP.NET can be described as a platform rather than a programming language, .NET is a completely Microsoft product that has been introduced to the market as a new generation of programming tools and software development of Microsoft. .NET can be compared more with platforms like Java, and in the meantime, there is more competition between ASP.NET and Java. Note that there was a classic programming language called ASP that used to be used, but today this web programming language is obsolete and no longer in use and has nothing to do with the ASP.NET programming language.


One of the problems with this language was the lack of many functions as well as few commands, which with the widespread use of PHP over time, these obstacles and problems were solved, and today with PHP, almost complex functions and tasks can be programmed. PHP is an interpreter language, meaning that every time the code is executed, the code must be displayed line by line by the web server. One of the problems with PHP programmers is that if someone can access your Linux or Apache server , Since your code is not compiled and open source on the server can access it, this problem does not exist in ASP.NET because the program compiles DLL files before execution and causes the code not to be displayed To the attacker, PHP solved this problem by introducing an encryption technology called Zend so that it could encode PHP code and no longer have to worry about it.

One of the main strengths of ASP.NET is the existence of very rich libraries, as well as the many classes that exist in ASP.NET, and this makes it possible for a programmer to do almost anything on the web. Give. In most cases, ASP.NET uses Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server for the database, and IIS, or Microsoft Internet Information Service, for the web server. In ASP.NET, the code is encoded on the server side, and if someone can access the server, they can not use this code, which is in the form of DLL files, in technical terms, this operation is called Code-Behind operation.

Object oriented

Initially, PHP did not support object-orientation, but over time this feature became one of the strengths of this language. The application technology of this language is mostly used for writing and executing web scripts to run on Open Source operating systems such as Unix and Linux. Of course, one of the pitfalls of PHP is that it still has some of its basic flaws in object-orientation, and according to some programmers, the professional properties of object-orientation have not been seen in this programming language. One of the unique strengths of PHP is that it does not depend on a particular platform, meaning that programs written in PHP can be easily run on any operating system, including Windows.


But PHP web programming technology is inherently based on a structure called technical LAMP. LAMP stands for Linux as operating system, Apache as web server, MySQL as database, and finally PHP as programming language. So most PHP web developers are familiar with these completely free tools. Interestingly, these tools can be easily installed and used in the Windows operating system.

ASP.NET programming language is inherently designed and created for the Windows operating system and its use, and most programs written in this language are dependent on the Windows operating system, although this is a negative point about the programming language. ASP.NET writing, but note that Microsoft has started projects where programs written by ASP.NET can be run on other operating systems, the most famous of which is known as MONO , So in the not too distant future we will see programs written by ASP.NET easily run on Linux and Unix as well.


In terms of technology and architecture, ASP.NET and Java are platforms used at the enterprise and macro levels, and PHP is commonly used to write web scripts. As mentioned earlier, writing a complex program in ASP.NET requires more lines of code than PHP, and therefore ASP.NET Develop Time is longer than PHP. . Unlike PHP, which is an interpreter language, ASP.NET is a compiler language, meaning that the code must be recompiled and converted to DLL files after each write.

Factor 2: Is ASP.NET programming easier or PHP?

The discussion of the simplicity of working with a programming environment depends on a number of factors, including the size of the project we want to do. First of all, learning PHP is definitely easier to get started than programming in ASP.NET, but not for writing multi-line scripts or small websites, but for writing large, enterprise Web applications or office automation. Sophisticated, if you want to write just a website or a CMS or a simple and low-complexity Web application is the best option to start learning PHP. You can write PHP code using any text editor, which is one of the main advantages of this web programming language. Unfortunately, PHP does not have a specific editor and coding tool, various companies on the Internet have provided various tools to use to code this product, which in itself creates a lack of focus for PHP programming.

But if you want to program Web applications at the enterprise level, choose ASP.NET. The main purpose and true nature of ASP.NET language, which as we said is a platform, is to write large Web applications with forms and input information and a lot of complexity, for those who are accustomed to programming in graphical environments. This language is much better, in ASP.NET you can easily generate code in the form of graphical tools, and also using ready-made forms or Web Forms you can easily access databases and different types of information and Access tables graphically without the need to write code.

ASP.NET automatically generates this code for you with the modules it has. In addition, the .NET framework does some things on its own, such as caching, authentication, and many more. ASP.NET functions are so numerous that they almost prevent you from using external functions in your programming. Does not need. Everything you are supposed to do in ASP.NET is done in an integrated environment, or rather a powerful tool called Microsoft Visual Studio, and of course the simplicity of graphic work in Microsoft products can be seen well in this software.

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