Before you want to work with language, you should be familiar with topics such as HTML and what it is used for, you should be familiar with scripting languages such as JavaScript, Vbscript.

What is the ASP.Net programming language?

Before we can answer this question, we need to know what asp stands for. Well, this word has three letters from the phrase Active Server Page. The asp programming language uses Microsoft technologies and is a scripting language that runs within IIS.

IIS implementation requirements

Prerequisites for running IIS are Windows Nt 0.4 and later.

You need Windows 95 or later to run PWS. PWS is a smaller but more complete version of IIS. This service is installed in Windows 95 and later.

ChiliASP is a technology that runs asp without the need for Windows operating systems.

InstantASP is another technology that runs ASP without Windows.

What is an asp file and? – And its extensions

In response to what is an asp file, it should be said that this file is quite similar to an HTML file. The content of this file can include Text, Html, XML, Script.

Scripts within the ASP file are executed on the server. The extension of this file is .asp, but in the matter of web design with the help of ASP, it should be noted that the extensions of the ASP file will be different depending on their composition. for example:

  • Classic ASP file has asp extension and can also be done and appear with aspx file extension.
  • If is combined with Razor C#, the file extension will be cshtml.
  • And finally the vbhtml file extension which is created when combining ASP.NET with Razor VB.

What are the differences between html and asp?

When the browser requests an HTML file, the server returns the file. But when the browser requests an ASP file, IIS requests the ASP engine and the ASP engine reads the asp file line by line and executes the scripts in the file. Finally, it returns the asp file with the html version to the browser.

What is the use of

If we want to say what is the use of ASP, we can briefly refer to the following list:

  • Dynamically adds, modifies or edits any web content.
  • Respond to user queries or data contained in forms.
  • Access the database or data and return the results to the browser.
  • Customize websites to benefit users.
  • The advantage of using ASP instead of CGI, PERL is its simplicity and high speed due to not using classes.
  • Security, because ASP codes are not visible through the browser.
  • ASP programming can also reduce network traffic.

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