What is a host? This is a question that many friends face in web design. In Orangency, we have tried to define the concepts of hosts and servers for you dear ones in simple language. Finally, we will introduce the types of hosts so that you can find the right host for your website.

What is a server?

A server is a computer that is always on and connected to the Internet, which provides various resources such as RAM, storage space, CPU, and so on to clients on the network.

What is a host?

Host is called a part of the server. A server can be divided into several parts (virtual partition), each part of which is called a host. This means that each part of this server hosts a website as a host. To launch a website on the Internet after programming and coding a website, you should look for a suitable host for you.

Once you understand what the concept of hosting is, you should rent a host with specific features from hosting companies according to the needs of your website (amount of bandwidth, amount of hosting space, amount of ram, etc.)! This gives you some of the resources of a server and you can put all the information and files on your site there.

For example, we use Web Hosting Canada services as our host company.

The question that comes to the mind of many people at the beginning is why do not we use our own systems as hosts?

Can our system be a good host?

As stated at the beginning of the article in the “What is Hosting” section, hosting is part of a system that is always on and connected to the Internet. If something happens to this system for a moment or the internet connection is lost, your website will be out of reach of users and no one will be able to see your website.

In hosting companies, at least one skilled team is available 24 hours a day to fix potential problems. Software is running on servers that send reports on the operation of all parts of the system to detect errors immediately in the event of an error.

If you use your own system, your website will be out of reach with any problems such as power outages, internet problems, hardware failures, and so on. Also, It will takes you a long time to be fixed.

In our next article, we are going to know different types of host such as WordPress host. WordPress is a CMS which we introduced in our last articles enough.

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