In the past, in a separate article, we answered the question of what is web design and thoroughly examined what is web design and how it is done. But in addition to web design, there is another concept called web development, and the question arises as to what web programming is.

What is web programming?

At this step, at first let us talk a little about the difference between web design and web development.

The difference between web design and web development

When we talk about building online services or websites, we come across two different concepts:

  1. Web design or designing a website
  2. Web programming or web development

Some people who are new to web design may use these two terms interchangeably. But web design and web programming are completely different and separate disciplines.

If we want to answer the question of what is web programming very simply, we must first understand the difference between web design and web programming. We have explained each of these concepts very simply below:

Web design is the process by which a web designer designs things that the user sees on their monitor screen. In fact, it is the job of the web designer to design the elements of a website or webpage and to locate them. The output of a web designer’s work is perfectly visible to ordinary users and users can see it directly.

But web programming is different from web design. If we want to say what web programming is, we can define it as follows:

Web programming or web development is about all the processing that goes on behind the scenes that the average user can’t see. For example, when a web page sends a request to the Database and retrieves the latest site content from the database, it is a request and code that the average user cannot view. Simply put, the job of a web developer is to write code that performs behind-the-scenes processes that the user cannot see.

A few examples of web programming

Above we provide a very simple definition of web programming and we are gradually approaching the answer to the question of what is web programming. Here are some things Web programming can do for us:

  • Web programming can get the latest articles from a database and display them to the user.
  • Web programming can review and process forms that users fill out (such as a login or registration form).
  • Web programming can enter information into a database. For example, when you post a comment on a site, that comment is entered into a database by web-based programming.
  • Web-based programming can store various information about you in your browser (such as your username and password for future visits to the same website)
  • and …

You can see good information about web development programming languages on our blog.

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