In this article we want to know what client(user) side programming is? If you decide to design a website to increase sales of products or introduce your services, it is better to get acquainted with the basic concepts in the web world.

The main definition

User-side programming is the writing of code to be executed for the user, and this is done with web design programming languages such as JavaScript and executed by the browser.

When the web world was just introduced, it was a good technique if you spent all your energy on the server and did not pay much attention to the browser. Especially since the browsers were not fully ready at that time. Now the issue has changed so that browser-based tools like Angular.js are now where most web applications are (apart from server-side logic, which is declining day by day). This is now made easier by powerful modern, industrial browsers that run JavaScript engines very quickly.


Web development just means communication. Communication between two parties via HTTP protocol:

  • Server

This section is responsible for providing pages.

  • Client

This section requests pages from the server and displays them to the user. Most of the time, the client is a web browser.

  • User

The user uses the client to browse the web, complete forms, watch videos online, and more.

Programming for each site depends on the code that runs on a particular server or client machine.

Client-Side Programming

Just like server-side programming, user-side programming is the name of all programs that run on the client.


  • Generate interactive web pages
  • Dynamic execution of everything on the web page
  • Interact with cache and local memory (cookies, localStorage)
  • Send a request to the server and receive data from it.
  • Provide remote services for client-side applications, such as software registration, content delivery, or multi-user remote games.

Sample programming languages

  • JavaScript (primarily)
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Any programming language that runs on a client device and interacts with a remote control service is called a user-side programming language on a web design.

HTML and CSS are not really programming languages. They are mostly markup combinations (markup language) that the client uses to deliver the page to the user. So you probably should not compare them to PHP, ASP and maybe any other programming language (C ++, C #, Java). ActionScript can be another good example of a user-friendly programming language.

User-side programming depends more on the user interface and what user we interact with the most. In web development, the user interface is the browser on the user machine that executes the code, and this is usually done with JavaScript, Flash (although this format is becoming obsolete), and so on. This code must be executed in different browsers.

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