The user interface(UI) plays a very important role as the main factor of user interaction. If you are looking to study and get information about the user interface or improve it, we suggest you read this article. We must first answer the important and fundamental question of what is the user interface and what is its role? It should also be noted that in this article, we will specifically discuss improving the user interface of the website, and other issues will be raised in general.

What is the user interface?

UI stands for User Interface. In fact, the UI is the agent of the system interaction with the user. The UI agent exists in different modes on a variety of systems. From the site to the software, the operating system and… all have some kind of user interface. A tool that allows us to work with the system in question can be referred to as a user interface. Improving the user interface is one of the most fundamental issues in the IT world. In this way, it improved the interactive tool in such a way that the user can work with the desired system very easily and without any problems.

Website interface

As you know, UI has a very effective role in attracting, retaining and guiding the user! If the web design UI is designed and implemented properly and expertly, users will easily be able to interact well with the site. But otherwise, even with the structure and valuable content in other parts of the site, you can not expect good feedback from user interaction with the site. In order to be able to design and implement a proper UI, we must first of all look for what user interface is more comfortable with. Also, providing easier access is one of the important things.

What do users want?

The answer to this question is very important and fundamental. Because the philosophy of the UI is for users. If we know what users really want, we have done an important part of the job successfully. for example:

  • Appearance and graphic of the website
  • Maximum speed and efficiency
  • Easy access to other sections
  • Pay attention to the future needs of users

The impact of improving the website interface in SEO

One of the best UI feeds is to attract and retain users. This is a positive sign on the sites to prove quality and efficiency. Since Google is moving in the direction of paying attention to the needs of users, so we can say that a good user interface will have a good impact on SEO.

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