What is the first image that comes to your mind when you hear the word architecture or read it in a story?

Often when we come across this word, we imagine a building with a skeleton that will later become a beautiful building with its own application. We have to say that not only buildings but all tools, devices and even websites and web applications have an architecture and structure. In this article, we are going to describe the architecture of the website.

Websites and web applications

In this article, we often use the terms website and web application. So we needed to give a brief overview of these two issues:

A web application or web application is software that is used using a web browser and over local area networks or the Internet. For example, Gmail is a web application. Web applications are applications that can only be used through the web. In web applications, more attention is paid to the discussion of performance and functionality, and their content is not so important and is usually not full of content. But a website is a space of the Internet that contains one or more pages. In other words, a set of interconnected web pages that have a main page and are located on a server is called a web page. Websites are designed to provide complete information about a person, organization, company, business, etc. to web users, and focus specifically on content.

What is the structure of a website?

You may have wondered what is going on behind the scenes of a website. If we divide a website into two parts, Client (Client-Side) and Server (Server-Side), in this division, client means a user who searches the Internet for a specific topic like web design. To respond to this request, the Internet shows the user a number of websites that contain content related to this request, for example, www.oragency.com in the search results list.

The content of the above article is a data and in the computer world, a space is needed to store any data. In other words, every website on the Internet is stored on a space called these spaces. And here the server is called a computer that sends information about the host to the user under the Internet. As a result, when we click on a link to an article on a website, we are essentially asking the server of that website to show us the content, and the server will show us the result through a special mechanism.

What happens behind the scenes to send a request?

We talked about the specific mechanism of the server, but what is this mechanism? Suppose we search the internet for how to write a resume that the employer can not ignore. Our request must go through the units mentioned in the next article.

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