Today, we want to talk about the difference between a web designer and a web developer.

Who is a web designer and what is her/his job?

A web designer is someone who tries to use visual and beautiful designs to properly enhance your website visually, and the designer does not always use coding. Most web designers use their creativity to create a web design. A web designer focuses more on the beauty of the website and things like color, typography, component relationships and audience.

Who is a web developer and what is her/his job?

The activities of a web developer are very similar to a web designer but also different from her/him. Unlike a web designer, a web developer is more focused on correct coding and does not focus too much on visual beauty. He/She pays more attention to the details of the website and deals more with coding and programming a website.

If the two work together or a person has both capabilities, a beautiful and principled website design will be provided that is rated both visually and in terms of code and principles.

Is there any inconsistencies between the web designer and web developer?

Most people seem to agree with the idea that website designers and developers should work together. But most of the time, the two work separately while working on a single project. The designer creates the elements, color palettes, and typography while the developer codes and prepares the materials for the website. And this can lead to inconsistencies between the web designer and developer and ultimately the website itself.

If web designers and developers work together from the beginning to the end of the project, the result will be a more cohesive project with a better user interface and cleaner code. In this case, less work is done again and the project is completed in less time.

Web Designer vs. Web Developer

In the past, web developers and web designers were two separate jobs.

Web designers typically use graphic software such as Photoshop and Illustrator to create the look and feel of a website. This graphical appearance is later coded by the web developer using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other website programming languages to work in the web environment.

Although web designers and web developers may work separately in separate rooms or even in separate countries, they each need each other’s skills to create a complete website. So they have to work together.

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