As you know, in yesterday’s article we talked in detail about the simplicity of web design. Now we want to look at other factors together.

User Interface – The appearance of a professional website

The user interface or the UI of the website is actually the appearance of the site, the appearance of the website should be appropriate to the main purpose and function of the website, sometimes it is necessary to use visual effects such as photos and video in the UI, or in web design of another site use happy and varied colors. It should be noted that the concept of simplicity discussed earlier is generally related to UX or user experience, which is different from UI. For more information, you can refer to the article Differences between UI and UX.

The fit between the UI and the UX of the site is very important, on the one hand, the design of the professional site should be such that it attracts the user with its appearance, colors and graphic effects, and on the other hand, this design should not be so simple that the user Lose your way and get confused on the website. One of the most important factors in designing professional sites is to consider this seemingly small point, ie the fit of the user interface (UI) with the user experience (UX).

The relationship between SEO and professional website design

SEO is a very complex and at the same time practical topic that every professional website should consider in order to be able to compete with other similar websites to achieve high rankings of search engines such as Google. Many factors are effective in SEO or site optimization, but many of these factors affecting SEO can be planned and implemented in the site design process.

If the principles of SEO are taken into account when designing a website, it will actually save a lot of time and cost of SEO. We are fully aware of this issue and all the websites designed by us, the basic principles of optimization and SEO in them are fully observed so that the designed website achieves high Google rankings with less effort and cost.

Font size

One of the details about site design that is often overlooked by designers is the type and size of fonts. Font size is important in many ways, one of which is related to the next item.

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