It has happened to all of us to search for something on the Internet and enter a new website; But we could not find what we were looking for or did not know how to access the subpages. The graphic design of a website may encourage us to spend more time finding what we are looking for; But after a few minutes, we will definitely leave the site. In this example, what kept us on the site was the beautiful user interface(UI), and what prevented us from accessing the content was the user experience(UX), which was not properly designed.

A sample example of this difference

User experience and user interface are two sides of the same coin, and neither works alone. SEO experts have good examples to clarify these two terms. One of the most famous examples is the human body. According to them, every product that is offered is like the human body. Just as the human body is made up of bones, organs, arteries, and so on, so the product, site, or any other phenomenon needs to be configured. Coding and programming a website, executing code correctly, and fixing potential bugs are all steps that can be taken in UX design. What adorns the appearance of this body are the details, colors and trimming, which in the language of designers is the UI.

Major differences

Before stating the difference between user experience and user interface, it is best to tell you that UI and UX are directly related and that user interface is part of the user experience. Therefore, user experience and user interface designers must interact with each other to achieve a good result.

User Journey

The user experience seeks to provide a good User Journey for the user; But the user interface focuses on the appearance and application of the product.

Design elements

User experience follows the abstract aspects of the design process; But the user interface is more looking for tangible and visible design elements.


The interface is like a bridge and a path that takes you where you want to go; The user experience is when you feel you have achieved what you wanted.


The user interface focuses on the product and the user experience on the path the user is about to take.

User experience encompasses all the experiences that a person has in dealing with a product, while user interface refers to a user’s specific interaction with a particular product or service.

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