Good graphics are very important in web design. The main design of a good website is actually a story about the site and its purpose. Experience has shown that users always welcome some creativity in website design, although it is an exaggeration. The context and use of designs that are accepted by most people with a distance of two can have the opposite effect. In general, a good design is obtained by combining creativity and not being similar to other websites, and of course, observing some rules and restrictions .

Of course, site design rules change with the tastes of users over the years. For example, a few years ago, the use of different colors on the site and backgrounds was very common, while now white backgrounds are the dominant design. Accepted and the use of white spaces (White Space) and appropriate content, including sharp photos and attractive text, has replaced the different colors in the background.

For example, in previous years, having many pages was a rule in site design, but now fewer pages have become more important. One of the reasons for this could be the increase in mobile users, mobile users now prefer to scroll the page on their mobile phones, rather than enter another page.

In general, the subject of design in site design is a discussion that should be addressed according to the time and taste of users, but there are general and main elements in website design, which attention to them will definitely make it more professional and shape. Get that great design.

3 main elements that should be present in the design of a professional site:

  • Charm
  • Simple routing
  • Efficiency

The importance of simplicity in website design

It is very important that the site design is simple and without additional complexity for users to access information. In professional website design, it should be noted that it is the concept and originality of the site that makes it professional and distinctive and not the appearance or complexity It. When designing the architecture of the site, especially in the UX part or the part that is related to the user experience, it is necessary that everything is easily accessible and usable. A very good example of this is the Google website ( When you enter the Google website, you will see the company logo and the search bar and various features of the site that are easily accessible to users. Although it is not possible to design all websites so easily, our purpose in this example is to show that website design can be extremely simple and at the same time one of the most professional and popular. Worldwide websites as well.

Another example that can be mentioned is the website related to Apple company. By entering this website, you will realize that in its design, except for using large and high quality photos, practically no special graphic effect has been used. And the goal of the website has been that the user as soon as he enters the main page, can easily find the page he wants, which is the prominent and important products of this big company.

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