Starting a business in today’s society requires modernization. In other words, in the current business and economic environment, running a traditional business does not provide you with enough income and profit. Therefore, it is necessary to change your business strategy and move to modern business. One of the available solutions is to create a website to introduce your business. To set up a website, you first need to know the platforms and web design methods to choose the best and most appropriate option.

In this article, we introduce web design methods and take a closer look at one of these methods called ASP.

There are several ways to build a website today, some of which include content management systems (CMS), website builders, and web design programming languages ​​(zero to one hundred coding). Choosing between these options is a difficult decision; So it is important to know the differences between them so that you can make the right choice. Website builders and content management systems (CMS) are technologies that allow you to design a website without the need for high and extensive technical knowledge. The way these softwares work is that they provide you with a number of pre-made interfaces and elements, and only by selecting them can you design your website or change its appearance and how it works. But programming languages ​​make it possible to design a site from zero to one hundred and completely according to one’s own opinion and taste. Here we are going to review one of the website programming languages ​​called ASP.

What is ASP?

ASP stands for Active Server Page and is a C#-based object-oriented programming language. ASP is a server-side technology that can be used to build web applications and interactive websites. The language was first introduced to developers by Microsoft in 1998, and is referred to as the classic ASP version. Of course, you should know that the classic version of ASP was not an object-oriented language, and sometimes it was necessary to code the functions several times to produce a program. Since then, several different versions of the framework have been built, including ASP.Net and ASP.Net MVC. The two versions of ASP are now combined to form a version called ASP.Net Core. This version was introduced in 2016. Newer versions of ASP support more programming languages ​​than the classic version and are also object-oriented. Therefore, using these versions will be easier and better. In object-oriented ASP, you will be able to use the functions you once designed for your website in different parts and reduce most of the coding. As a result, the website will be faster and loaded on the host browser.

The programming language is a great choice for building large and complex websites that need to optimize speed and security. The framework is open source, and over the years, several tools have been developed by ASP-compatible developers that have been made available to the public for free. Therefore, website design with this language will have different and attractive capabilities for your website.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ASP?

Using ASP programming language has advantages and other disadvantages over other methods of building a website, and by recognizing them, you can make the right decision regarding the production of the website with the help of this programming language.

Loading Speed

Most websites developed using ASP have a good loading speed. However, it should be noted that platforms that are designed based on each language may not be fast enough due to non-compliance, and this has nothing to do with their programming language.


The use of ASP programming language or other frameworks in designing a site is not a valid reason to claim its security. But most of the hacked targets are content management systems and ready-made frameworks.

Ability to develop the website simultaneously

A nice feature of ASP is that it separates the front-end from the back-end, so designers and developers can work on a website at the same time.

Lack of website development by ASP without sufficient knowledge

Unlike CMS systems or website builders, to design a website based on ASP language, you need to first learn it and have extensive knowledge in the field of web design. For this reason, the general public can not use this method to build a site, and if you want to take advantage of ASP, you need to hire a developer or leave the design of your website to a professional company in this field. Orangency is a web design agency and builder based on PHP programming language. Of course, beginners can use a desktop application under Windows called visual web developer. This editing program is called WYSIWYG and stands for “whatever you see will appear in the output“. In addition, in this program, there are templates ready to build a website with different applications, such as store sites, introductions, etc., which make your work easier.

Choosing the right hosting service for your website

If you decide to use ASP for your website, you should use a hosting service that supports ASP sites to speed up the launch and performance of your website.

Concluding remarks

ASP is a programming language for building a website with which you can design your site from zero to one hundred and finally have an interactive website with high security and speed. Using this language requires programming and technical knowledge, and to get started, it is better to learn the ASP.Net version.

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