No matter how much your site is among the best in terms of coding and programming and you have used all the programming and coding skills in designing your site, the final score of your web design will be determined by its good or bad graphics.

Web graphics is one of the new topics in the world and in many countries it can be said that it is not well known yet and it has not been paid enough attention.

Good graphic design advantages

A good website is created when the field of graphic design is combined with the field of web programming and you can have a website with good graphics and the principles of proper programming in front of you.

Web graphics include how and when to use colors, layout of image elements on the site, type and size of fonts, font colors, image display, and more. Some people consider web graphics to be limited to the design of logos and banner ads on the site, which in our opinion are a small part of web graphics and are at the heart of it.

No matter how strong the coding and programming site is, it still can not be complete if its graphics are ignored, so a good website is created when the website graphic design is in line with the field of website programming. They will blend together and you will have a website with graphic, basic and correct programming at the same time.

Combining quality graphics and good website design is essential to attract customers and turn visitors into customers and buyers.

Empty spaces in graphic design

Use empty space on the site and increase the readability of your site content by using empty spaces so that the user on your website is not confused.

If your website design does not benefit from proper and beautiful website graphics, it may attract visitors to your site, but visitors will leave the website immediately because the unattractiveness of the web design or its clutter and confusion confuses users and visitors.

The main definition of graphic design

Layout template design and page layout that can be done by Photoshop, Corel and other softwares is called graphic website design.

In website design, the graphic design part of the site can be used by graphic designers, of course, a good and complete interaction must be established between the site designer and the template designer and the graphic designer so that we can have a complete and beautiful website.

In website design, graphic design can be done by a graphic designer. Of course, there must be a good and complete interaction between the template designer and graphic designer so that we can have a complete and beautiful website.

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