WordPress content management system has a lot of fans and according to the most sources, now more than 35% of all websites in the world are designed with this CMS. Your web design is probably one of these 35% and you are looking for a suitable and economical hosting plan to host it.

In our latest articles, we described the different types of hosting which you should completely read it.

What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is the same as Linux hosting optimized for WordPress content management system.

What is the meaning of optimization?

One of the weaknesses of WordPress is that it uses a lot of resources. This means that if you set up a medium-sized online store with WordPress, you need to have more resources than regular shared hosting to make sure that your site will not be slow or inaccessible.

The advantages of WordPress Hosting

As a result, in WordPress hosting, the power of the servers has increased and the number of sites on the servers has decreased. In addition, the server has been upgraded in terms of security so that users can use this service more safely.

There may be some differences in features depending on the type of site you are hosting and where you are getting your hosting from; But usually all WordPress hosts allow you to easily install WordPress on your host with a few clicks, and if an update occurs in the core of WordPress, updates will be done for you automatically.

Is WordPress Hosting just for WordPress CMS?

WordPress hosting is not just for sites built with the WordPress content management system; Even if your CMS is another system like Joomla, if you want to use a powerful host, you can count on WordPress hosts.

Do you need WordPress hosting to run your WordPress site?

No, for WordPress sites, you do not have to use WordPress hosting. The only technical requirements that are unavoidable for a WordPress site are:

  • Support MySQL 5.6 and later
  • Support PHP 5.6.40 and later

This means that any other host that can support these two factors is suitable for WordPress sites, such as Linux hosting.

What is the difference between Linux and WordPress hosting?

Here, we are going to compare them in different ways:


WordPress hosting is more expensive than Linux hosting or regular hosting; So if you have a site for your heart, or your site is new and does not need a lot of resources, you can use Linux hosting instead of spending for WordPress hosting.

Number of Websites

The number of sites managed on a WordPress server is much less than Linux servers. This will increase the use of resources for WordPress sites.

Update and Quality

WordPress host has an easier update process due to the fact that it is configured for content management systems; Using these hosts helps to maintain the quality of the plugins in addition to keeping them up to date.

How to buy the best WordPress hosting?

The challenge of buying hosting is not limited to WordPress hosting and if you want to buy any other hosting, you are faced with the question of where and which service to buy?

Searching the Internet

The first thing many people do is search the internet for all kinds of plans offered by hosting companies and each one wants to be your customer.

Even if you are careful, you will see free WordPress hosting. But you know better that buying these hosts has no guarantee of quality, warranty or support.

Spending a bit to get a quality host is not bad; Because it relaxes your mind and you are sure that you will be well supported. Web Hosting Canada, as one of the hosting service centers in Canada, introduces its WordPress hosting to its customers and guarantees its quality and support.

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