After examining “Laravel Benefits” and “Laravel Features“, now it’s time to know “Why should we use the Laravel Framework?”.

What is the auto-loading property in Laravel framework?

Another advantage of using this framework is the use of one of Laravel built-in properties called auto-loading for classes, which you can use to automatically load all your classes and components as needed and from them. This feature is one of the top advantages of using Laravel framework. Because with this method, you no longer need to manually include your libraries and files.

What is the Migration feature in the laravel framework?

One of the biggest advantages of this framework is that it uses the Migration feature. This feature is actually a database control system or Database that makes it easy to communicate with your host and you can easily interact with it. As we said, this feature is one of the best advantages of using Laravel framework because working with Database has always been very difficult and you can easily communicate with your Database with this feature.

What is the Artisan command line in the Laravel framework?

The Laravel framework has a powerful command line that you can use to speed up coding significantly. This command line is called Artisan. Artisan can automatically create a Controller, Migration with the main functions, Model, etc. for you. Artisan can also set up a virtual server to test Laravel or modify your databases using Migrations.

Laravel Object-Oriented Libraries

As you know, Laravel is the best PHP language framework that has so many libraries or Object-Oriented Libraries that these libraries do not exist in other PHP frameworks. One of these libraries that is installed on Laravel by default is the Authentication Library. This Library has many features such as checking hash users, online password and all the fields we want, prevent CSRF attacks and other advanced features.

What is middleware in Laravel framework?

Laravel uses middleware to process requests. It can be said that Middleware is a bridge between Request and the program. All Request‌s in Laravel have to cross this bridge. For example, Laravel uses a middleware called Auth to identify users who have not authenticated. All pages that use Midlor Auth will be redirected to the login page if opened by anonymous users. Of course, this tool can not be considered just a security tool. Because it can have many uses. Examples of these applications are:

  • Implement multilingual websites
  • Implementing the mode under repair or for example we want to change a page of the site and now we want that page to display a warning text that the site is updating for users
  • Identify requests coming from robots and prevent DDOS attacks
  • Logging and …

Why is Laravel known as the best PHP framework?

More and more developers are becoming interested in the Laravel framework and the number of users of this framework is increasing in web design field. Given the dramatic progress and growing trend of this framework, a very good future is expected. The great advantages and features of this framework and its advantages over other frameworks make it a very good option for programmers. Although the use of frameworks is quite tasteful and one of them can not be considered superior and more powerful than other frameworks, but without a doubt Laravel framework will be at the top of the most popular and best PHP frameworks. We are happy to share your thoughts and experiences regarding the Laravel framework with us and other users.

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