PHP frameworks are the platform for creating PHP web applications. These frameworks use code libraries for common functions, and reduce the number of master codes needed to write. In fact, PHP frameworks provide the basic structure to simplify the development of web applications, and most developers use them because they speed up the development process. In this article we will tell you what PHP framework is and in the following we will get acquainted with 11 important frameworks that you should know.

Most importantly, websites and applications built using PHP frameworks help businesses meet their operational needs. So there is no doubt that PHP frameworks will continue to be popular in 2021.

Types of PHP frameworks


When people talk about PHP frameworks, one of the most commonly mentioned letters is Laravel. This particular framework is known for its beautiful structure, which is easy to understand and enjoyable to work with.

With Lavarel, you can quickly focus on your projects. With Laravel you will have access to functions such as user authentication, session management and caching. In general, Laravel packages all the functions you need to build a modern PHP application.

Laravel also integrates beautifully with libraries and third-party operating systems such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing you to build a wide range of applications. For long-term tasks, you can line them up so that they do not run in the background at the same time, thus helping to improve site performance.


CodeIgniter is a PHP framework that uses the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. In other words, CodeIgniter uses various components to manage specific development tasks. This method is very popular among developers because it enables you to create highly scalable web applications.

If you are new to PHP frameworks and web design, CodeIgniter can be a great choice as it is very easy to learn and get started. In addition, this platform has excellent documentation, which means that you will not have much trouble learning the basics.


If there is a competition for the best PHP framework, Symfony will be on par with CodeIgniter and Laravel in terms of popularity. When you start looking at this framework, it becomes easy to understand why.

In addition to having an attractive name, Symfony is very flexible. This framework is a software package that allows you to select the PHP functions you need or easily use the entire framework.

This framework includes built-in testing capabilities to ensure that your programs run as they should. However, in our experience, programs built using Symfony often do not perform best. In addition, this framework has a very steep learning curve compared to other options we have seen so far.

Laminas Project

People often refer to Laminas projects, formerly called Zend, as a glue framework, which is a way of pointing out the nature of glue. Laminas Projects is an object-oriented MVC-based framework that allows you to download only the components you want as separate libraries.

In other words, Laminas projects allow you to focus only on the components and functions you want and ignore other things. Thanks to this approach and the object-oriented nature of this framework, you should be able to use the code you write many times. In addition, integrating the platform with external libraries is easy to extend its functionality.


Phalcon is a PHP framework that is a bit odd because its source code is written in C, so it is essentially a C extension of PHP. This may sound strange, but in practice it is one of the fastest frameworks you will ever enjoy.

Phalcon is also very resource-intensive and uses the MVC architecture. In addition, it is unique in that you have almost no files after installing this framework. Instead, you just add the modules and libraries you need, which creates a great development process.


FuelPHP is a relatively new PHP framework that was first launched in 2014. Its creators claim to have gathered the best practices from other powerful frameworks and to have created new and exciting things in it.


In the early 2000s, CakePHP was the first PHP MVC framework to hit the market. This framework was a great option at the time, and is still one of the best and most popular PHP frameworks you can use.

Newer versions of CakePHP have improved over time and added many new components. However, CakePHP really shines when you know how to use its encoding structure. This means that with CakePHP, after mastering its conventions, you can focus on development and get more done faster.

In addition, CakePHP offers an amazing collection of libraries that contain many useful components (as any PHP framework should have). During testing, we found that CakePHP offers one of the most complete sets you can find, so CakePHP is a great option if you need to implement difficult features.


Yii is another powerful framework and one of the best PHP frameworks and a worthy competitor. We can clearly tell you that Yii shines because of its ease of adjustment. It also stands out against Phalcon in terms of performance, which is a big plus for it.

Just like any other PHP framework we’ve seen so far, Yii provides a complete set of components that you can use to speed up web application development. In addition, due to the strong set of security features, this framework has outstanding features that you can use to create very secure projects.


Slim is another popular PHP framework that helps developers quickly build simple but powerful web applications and APIs.

Fat-Free Framework

Like Slim, the Fat-Free (F3) framework is a micro-framework. The most important goal of this framework is to balance the functional features, simplicity, ease of use and speed.


Lumen is another PHP microframe framework developed by Laravel Creator and maintained by its community. As a result, the framework is very similar to Laravel, so if you have previous experience working with Laravel, you can easily use it.

Last word

There are many programming languages you can use today, but PHP server-side programming is still the preferred option. However, even if you are a PHP professional, it takes a lot of time to code all the components for each new project you start. As a result, you need to choose the best PHP framework for your needs, and as a result, you can avoid a lot of complex coding and get straight to the point of developing a new project.

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