If you have read our last two articles about “What is Laravel?” and “Laravel Benefits“, you may have another question in your mind. Today we are going to answer the question “Laravel Features”.

Reduce coding volume with the help of Laravel

In Laravel all your queries can be stored in separate Models that you can use later.

This great feature has resulted in a very large amount of your code in website programming using the Laravel framework, and you can better and more easily interact with your program and modify it.

Authentication in Laravel

The Laravel framework has a powerful authentication system with ready-made configuration codes. Just activate Laravel Authentication after installation and enjoy its Sign Up, Sign In and Log Out system.

Laravel highly advanced and advanced security system

Laravel uses CSRF tokens to make sure no one can post fake requests to our website. Because otherwise hackers can infiltrate our website through these Fake Requests. These attacks are called CSRF or Cross Site Request Forgery.

For this reason, each time a Request is sent with Ajax in Laravel, a Token called CSRF Token is created and sent with the Request, and when the Request is received, Laravel compares the Token in Request with the Token stored in the User Session. If these two tokens are not equal, the Request is considered Invalid Request.

Your only task in this process is to put a field containing CSRF Token when creating HTML forms. Note that the CSRF Token is generated by Laravel itself and it is enough to use it in the code.

So we conclude that another important and great advantage of Laravel framework is its very high and advanced security system that protects your website against XSS and CSRF injections and attacks, and someone who is programming using this framework no longer needs to worry about these things.

Support for MVC architecture in laravel

Another reason that makes Laravel the best PHP language framework in web design is its support for MVC architecture like the Symfony framework. The MVC or Model, View, Controller architecture helps to improve the performance of our programming and makes our program much more organized in addition to better performance.

Use Blade for View in Laravel

In Laravel, all views are created in Blade format, which makes it easy to use HTML, CSS, PHP, Laravel, etc. code at the same time.

What is the property of Laravel Framework Unit testing?

Another advantage of using the Laravel framework is that you can use the Unit Testing feature to perform a very large number of different tests in a very short time so that you can identify possible errors that may have occurred for your application and seek to resolve them.

What is the ORM tool in the Laravel framework?

One of the best tools used in Laravel framework and can be mentioned as one of the most important advantages of using this framework is an ORM tool to establish a bridge between databases (Database) And performing the Query. this feature gives you many possibilities, one of the most important of which is to create some restrictions between the objects you create and the Database. For example, suppose you have a table in the Database called Posts and you link to it to create a Model called Posts. Now if you want to get all the data in the Posts table without using ORM and Eloquent, you have to write a query. But with Eloquent, just use the Posts :: all () command.

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