JavaScript is a scripting language (or programming language) that is used to add complex features (such as 2D and 3D animations, responsive maps, etc.) to a website. JavaScript programmers use frameworks such as Vue, React, Angular, etc. in order to code less and achieve the desired result in the shortest time. Each of these JavaScript frameworks includes small and large libraries with their own rules and commands, and programmers have their own reasons for choosing each. If you are hesitant to choose JavaScript libraries for learning, you should first know the features of each.

What is the Vue js framework?

Vue is an javascript open source framework used to develop the user interface. Vue.js was first introduced to the world in December 2013 by Evan You, a former Google employee. Ivan, who in his previous job used the Angular js framework in application development, decided to create a framework for use in his projects that was as powerful as Angular and at the same time lightweight and flexible.

You can use Vue.js to build one-page web applications or even large-scale websites with different structures. You can also create components and use them in other parts of the project or even other projects.

What makes Vue.js unique?

Due to the rapid advancement of technology and programming languages, you have many options for learning user interface development, each with its own unique features, and you should choose the most appropriate ones according to your needs and goals. The following is a complete introduction to Vue.js features:

Comprehensive and simple documentation

Everything you need to code with the Vue.js framework, from simple topics to sample code, questions, debugging methods, APIs, etc., is all in the Vue.js documentation. Click here for access to documentation and a simple guide to using Vue.js.

Easy to learn

People who are proficient in JavaScript can easily generate a mediocre project by spending a few hours learning Vue.js, which gives them more hope and excitement to learn. As a result, Vue.js is the best choice for experienced JavaScript programmers and even inexperienced programmers.

Community-oriented JS

Some developers may not find Vue a good choice because the framework is not supported by large companies such as Google, which supports Angular, and Facebook, which provides React Native. But the extensive use of this framework by programmers, having many Q&A associations, as well as the use of this framework by large companies, has caused the interest of programmers around the world to develop and grow rapidly; As many programmers prefer Vue over other JavaScript frameworks in web design field.

Easy integration and flexibility

Codes written with the Vue framework can be used in any other project. More than 81% of developers have stated that this Vue feature is the most important reason for them to use this framework. Also, Vue.js has less volume and higher speed than React Native and Angular.

Versions of Vue.js

Since the introduction of this framework until today, we have always witnessed its development and updating. The first version of the Vue was released in 2013 and the latest version (3.0.11) in April 2021. In version 3, we see extensive changes such as reducing the volume, increasing the speed and rewriting some commands.

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