The duties of a web designer and SEO consultant include a number of things that, if done properly, can improve the business situation of customers. If you are planning to enter the field of web design and SEO or you want to start a website for yourself, you need to be familiar with these things. In the following, we will review the scope of job duties of a website designer and SEO consultant.

Web Designer Tasks and duties

Usually every web designer has a set of tasks to perform. Sometimes these tasks are performed correctly by the web designer and sometimes this does not happen. Of course, sometimes the requests of employers exceed the duties of a web designer and they have unreasonable requests.

In this section, we will examine both the tasks of a web designer and the tasks that are not related to a web designer. Below is a list of web designer tasks.

Duties related to a web designer

  • One to three sessions of consulting and talking about the website and understanding the client’s requests
  • Design the initial design and show it to the customer – Usually the design is designed first on a demo
  • Use of coding and up-to-date technologies for web programming
  • Upload the website to the host or server and its initial configuration
  • Creating different pages of the website without content like about us
  • Proper website load (site speed)
  • Website changes at the customer’s request (usually up to three major changes)
  • Complete site testing in the presence of the employer or by using online software like TeamViewer or AnyDesk
  • Free support for up to one month
  • Webite training – usually a document must be provided to the customer

Tasks not related to web designer

  • Content production for the website
  • SEO
  • Complete security
  • Free support
  • Product sales

Content production for the website

One of the most hotly debated topics in this area is content production. Those who order the website think that the web designer must produce content for the site (articles, videos, etc.) so that this issue has nothing to do with the web designer and the website owner should produce content based on the work policy and the field in which he/she works.


Another issue that has nothing to do with web design is the issue of SEO. Someone who is a site designer only has to do SEO templates and scripts and other SEO issues have nothing to do with it.

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