In our last article, we completely talked about UI, UX and font of a website.

Now, let’s talk about the other elements.

Website design for mobile

Responsive website design does not only mean that the site is well displayed on mobile, but also the presence of prominent buttons, readable fonts is equally important. In fact, in general, a professional site should be designed in such a way that not only it displays well on mobile or tablet, but also should be easily usable by users. This includes considering the amount of internet the user consumes and the loading speed of the website. If your website is not Mobile Friendly, you have two options: either redesign the layout to be compatible with the mobile, or create a separate mobile version for it.

The importance of website speed

The faster the site loads, the lower the bounce rate. This improves the user experience and improves Google ranking. Research has shown that in various websites, especially e-commerce sites, increasing the speed of the site has always increased sales.

All Orangency websites are run using the latest global technologies based on PHP, of which ultra-fast loading speed is just one of its features.

Pay attention to Call to Action on professional websites

Call to Action is actually the part of the website that invites the user or audience to do something. If you want your site users to do something on the site (click a button, fill out a form, download a file, etc.) it is better to state it clearly and simply.

A few years ago, sliders and animated photos were one of the main implementations in the design of the site and the Call to Action sections; This is because according to the principles of psychology, human attention is primarily attracted to the subconscious site by moving components, but now the human mood in the face of the elements of the Internet space is different, which means that Today, for most people, every animated element on the website is a kind of advertising element that should be turned a blind eye to it and ignored. Therefore, as the expectations of the audience change, the design of professional sites must also change. Today, simplicity is one of the main rules for conveying a website message and increasing traffic.

Pay attention to the content system when designing the website

The content of the website includes any information you enter. Photo, video and text are all content. In designing a professional site, it is very important to pay attention to the type of content layout and even the simplicity of the content. This issue is important both in terms of SEO and increasing the site’s ranking, as well as in terms of attracting users; Therefore, when designing a website, it should be considered from the beginning and the way of placing content on the site should be simple and hassle-free.

Sometimes it may seem like the cost of designing a professional website is so high that only large companies can afford it, but the fact is that a professional website will attract much more credit, customers and audience than what you pay for it. Currently, websites designed by Orangency professional team have unique features including on-page SEO, optimizing site performance and speed, UI and UX design tailored to the brand, using the latest designs and technologies in the world. They need very little cost compared to their ability to increase sales and revenue. If you have questions about the types of websites and the costs of professional web design, contact our experts.

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