We hope you have read the first and second parts of this series of articles. Today we want to finish this series of articles and mention a few more of these mistakes.

Use blink and marquee tags

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, these tags may cause your website to become obsolete, as declared non-standard by the World Wide Web Standards Organization (W3C). Using these types of tags in web design can be catastrophic.
It is better to use other methods to create attention and show the importance of an issue.

Add and remove borders in HTML tags

By today’s standards, using this type of property directly in HTML tags is not recommended. It is better to ignore this feature in HTML tags and make your desired changes using the border feature in CSS. You will have more ability to control this feature using CSS.
Borders are another feature of a number of HTML elements that you can use to delete, add, and edit them directly in a number of HTML tags.

Insert Block tags between Inline tags

HTML elements are divided into two groups: inline and block. Each tag has an inline or block property by default. Inline elements, according to their type and characteristics, should be placed inside block elements so that they can be used in the flow of the page using these types of tags. Block elements include tags such as div, p, and others that are mostly used to create page structures. Using block elements between inline tags is a mistake you should never make, but inline elements will easily fit inside block elements.

Use inline style

Using inline styles is not a non-standard task, but it has problems and disadvantages that can discourage us from using this type of style. It can be used in three different ways and one of these three methods is to use inline styles inside each tag, but it is recommended that you use less inline style.
Editing this type of style is very difficult due to their linearity, and as the number of HTML documents increases, it sometimes becomes impossible. This type of style greatly increases the volume of pages and this is a very negative point in website design and SEO. Using inline style will make the code cluttered and illegible and will make editing the code very difficult to read.
Inline styles sometimes cause problems with external CSS code. You should know that inline code takes precedence over external CSS code, however, these tags can solve your problems in very specific cases. But inline style is generally not recommended.

Excessive use of the br

It is wrong to use the br tag to create more than one line spacing between lines or other elements. The br tag is used to create spaces and break only one line in the text. To create more than one line spacing between lines, you can easily use p tags or padding and margin properties and even line-height.

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