In the previous section we talked about HTML and stated that some mistakes may be made by the developer. Then we mentioned some of these mistakes and today we want to complete this list.

Do not add alt attributes to images

Using alt for images helps visitors to your web pages as well as search engines to identify the subject of the image published on your website.
Search engines pay a lot of attention to the description or alt of images and these alt have a very positive effect on SEO. Using the alt attribute for images is a rule. Make sure your HTML code is standard. This becomes even more important when your audience is using slow internet speeds or text browsers (such as search engines) or for some reason this image is not displayed in the browser that visits your website.
Use this feature even when you do not have a description for your image and leave it blank.

Use the b, I, strong, em tags to bold and italicize text regardless of search engines

Use b and i when there is no need to highlight the text inside these tags and you just want to change the appearance of your web design. Use strong and em in cases where in addition to the appearance you want to increase the importance of the text in it compared to other words.
If you care about search engine optimization and SEO, it is best to use the strong and em tags directly in the HTML code instead of the b and i tags. You can also use these in styles. It is very important to note that the b and i tags are display tags and the strong and em tags are concept and display tags. The implication of this sentence is that the texts have only changed their appearance by b and i and therefore will not be noticed by search engines. But by using the strong and em tags, you will add to your text along with the changes in the appearance of a character, and you will announce that this text will be more important inside this type of tags. So try to use this type of tag in its proper place.
The b and i tags can change a text or word to bold and italic. Despite the CSS and the wonderful ability to control the text, it may occur to you to use this tool for your convenience. Font-weight and font-style capabilities can be a good alternative to b and i, but it will also have problems. In some cases, your audience will use text browsers without using styles, in which case they will not see the difference between bold and italicized words by CSS with other words. This problem will reduce the readability of your content and words with more importance will not be noticed by the audience.

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