It is impossible to imagine computers and software without programming language. For this purpose, various programming languages were invented, of which Python is one of the most popular and widely used. In addition to the programming language, programmers need special editors that make it easier to write and edit codes, find errors, display output, and some other things. Paycharm is an editor that was created specifically for the Python programming environment and with the intention of developing it.

Python programming language

Python is considered one of the most widely used programming languages in the world; Google, Facebook, Yahoo, NASA, Dropbox, and Instagram are just some of the tech giants that use the Python programming language. As a general-purpose language, Python can be used for everything from data analysis to creating computer games and artificial intelligence, and this feature has made Python one of the most popular programming languages.

On the other hand, Python is an open source programming language, which means that it is free to use and anyone can modify or create the Python language. Open source is what allows languages to have libraries, frameworks, and other tools that keep Python relevant and compatible over time. But open source only fulfills its potential if there is a supportive community of users engaged with the language.

Why do we need an IDE?

IDEs (integrated software development environment) or text editors have been created to facilitate the use of programming languages and project management. As it is known, the use of IDE is not mandatory, but it speeds up the work of programmers.

Python IDEs

Python also needs an IDE to be used like any other programming language. Jupyter, Pycharm, Visual Studio Code, Atom, Thonny, PyDev, Wing and… Are just some of the code editors used in Python?

What is Pycharm?

PyCharm is one of the most widely used and popular IDEs for Python, used by many famous companies such as Twitter, HP, Pinterest, Symantec and Groupon.

PyCharm is a code editor or coding environment designed specifically for Python programmers that allows developers to write more readable, cleaner, and less complex code. PyCharm also provides a wide range of essential tools for Python developers. In fact, Pycharm and Python work together, but Pycharm is useless without Python alone.

What are my features?

Paicharm has many different features and capabilities to facilitate coding, the most important of which are mentioned below:

Code editor

This feature of Paycharm increases readability by increasing the quality of codes and their coloring, and automatic code completion speeds up the work of developers. Other features of the PyCharm editor are identifying errors and spelling mistakes, automatic code generation, duplicate code detection, code formatting and code analysis.

Code navigation

The easy access of developers to a class, a function or a file and reducing the time needed to add or edit Python code is one of the features of PyCharm’s smart code navigation. Code traversal locates an element, variable, etc. in a fraction of a second, allowing developers to quickly move between classes, methods, and files.


Refactoring in Pycharm implements local and global changes quickly and effectively and simplifies writing Python code and working with Python frameworks, and provides developers with the ability to make local and global changes quickly and efficiently. Developers can improve the quality of their code by extracting variables, fields, constants, and parameters. Also, PyCharm allows them to separate long classes and methods with method extraction.

Support for popular web technologies

This feature of PyCharm allows the programmer to write a diverse web application using various web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Typescripts and Coffee Script and edit them using JavaScript debugger, Coffee Script and Typescript. Also, web developers can use the live preview option provided by the IDE to view a web page simultaneously in the editor and browser.

Support for popular Python frameworks

Special support for the powerful Python web framework, Django, has added to the numerous advantages of PyCharm. This feature allows developers to use the IDE for code completion suggestions for Django tags, filters, parameters, and template variables. PyCharm also supports Python web frameworks such as pyramid and Web2py.

Support for machine learning data science libraries

With PyCharm, developers can use Python in big data and data science projects. This IDE supports popular scientific libraries for Python, such as NumPy, Anaconda, Matplotlib, and SciPy. Additionally, developers can run the Python REPL console robustly.

Database tools

It is possible to use relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL in Paycharm, and the IDE can be used to display data, edit SQL code, browse data, and change table data. PyCharm also supports the SQLAlchemy library, which allows handling large amounts of data through data grids.

Visual bug fixes

PyCharm has the ability to clearly and graphically identify your coding errors, and also debug multiple Python processes at the same time.

Internal terminal

PyCharm has a native terminal for Windows, Linux, and Mac. PyCharm’s internal terminal has the ability for the programmer to continue coding and run the Python file without leaving the IDE.

Software testing in Paycharm

Testing the written code is very important. Code testing allows us to make sure that the program is working correctly and to fix its bugs separately.

Every time you start writing a new program, various files are referenced to a specific location. Therefore, for the correct execution of the program, these files must be placed in their right place, Paicharm IDE will make it much easier for you to do this, just like all code editors.

Remote development capabilities in Paicharm

By using Paycharm, you can edit and complete your codes with different systems and remotely.

The built-in SSH console by connecting to different devices can make your programming path much easier than before, so that you can run and debug your Python programs remotely.

How to install the package in Paycharm

You don’t need to download the module to install the package in pycharm. First you need to select your project and then go to the settings section under your project name and select Python interpreter. After that, you will see a new window where you can search for packages and install the packages you need.

Disadvantages of Paicharm

The professional version of Python has a very high cost. Due to the AUTO-COMPLETION feature, it is not suitable for beginners and also Paicharm requires a lot of memory and storage space.

Comparing Paycharam with vs code

Many people who are looking for the most popular Python IDE are confused about choosing between Pycharm and VScode. In fact, both IDEs are good choices for the Python environment and have only minor differences.

  • PyCharm and Visual Studio Code use different CPU and RAM, and PyCharm is one of the IntelliJ IDEs that have always performed poorly in resource management, so if your priority is better memory management, Vs Code is a better choice.
  • PayCharm is specially programmed for Python developers, but Vs Code must be set for Python. Keep in mind that Vs Code is more customizable than other IDEs, it just needs to know which type of project you are currently in to install the necessary plugin accordingly.
  • Vs Code is much faster and much lighter compared to PyCharm.

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