Python is a high-level, object-oriented and open-source programming language that has been able to accompany many programmers in completing their projects; Python is very popular among programmers due to its special features, which we will mention below, as well as its unique simplicity. Since the early 1990s, Python opened its way to website design to show off its capabilities in this field as well!

Due to its simplicity and availability of very powerful tools, libraries and platforms in the field of programming and website design, Python has significantly reduced the speed of work for programmers and designers. In this article, I intend to introduce you to website design with Python, the advantages of using it, and the approach that Python has in designing websites.

An introduction to website design with Python

As you certainly know, with the development of technology and the high speed of the Internet in recent years, many businesses have migrated from the red ocean of traditional marketing and sales to the space of online businesses, or part of their budget in this direction as a channel. New sales were assigned to this space.

Definitely, the first step to entering this market is to have a suitable site, where you can introduce yourself, your products and services, launch a campaign, advertise, and finally get your share of the digital world by selling it.

In this direction, many businesses use the Python language to design their websites instead of using content management systems.

Why? Python is an advanced, free, complete and, most importantly, free language that provides you with a wide variety of tools.

Features of using Python in website design

Many businesses and website design companies prefer to use WordPress for their website design. No one can deny the features and power of the WordPress content management system in website design, but…

All the site designers I have dealt with agree on two major drawbacks of WordPress:

1) Heavy WordPress and its plugins

2) The inability of WordPress to manage large sites and projects

Certainly, website design using different content management systems can eliminate this problem in general. In this way, by providing different modules, Python can lead your site in the competition with professionals.

Using the Python language, your site is designed in a completely standard way and can analyze data at any scale. Another feature of website design with Python is the ability to control and manage users during website development.

If we ignore the high security and also the lightness of the coding sites, the best feature of using Python is the openness of the designer and developer to create various features and management panels on the website. Apart from all the above, Python is very flexible and you can easily follow the patterns you need or make changes to it.

Learning Python for website design!

Many people outsource their website design and assign this task to website design companies. Although good companies work in this field, this work has two very big drawbacks:

1- The lack of SEO vision in the design of most sites

This will cause your costs to increase in the next steps, because a site without SEO has no meaning and a poorly designed site will be very difficult for SEO, especially in competitive areas.

2- Your dependence on the website design company to apply changes and add desired features

Therefore, it is recommended that you transfer this part of your work to your team.

One of the best

Python is a very simple programming language and its written rules are very similar to English. This simplicity, along with the high power of Python, has made it a suitable tool for implementing projects as well as website design. This makes anyone who enters the design section of your site easily learn these codes and apply the changes you want to them.

These great benefits have made the cost of maintaining and designing a website with Python slightly higher than other content management systems and programming languages. So you are recommended to use it if you have a big idea and plan or have a long-term plan for your website.

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