Social media analytics tools give you insight and knowledge in this regard.

  • Who are your contacts?
  • What content with what tone is suitable for them?
  • What is involved in social media marketing?
  • What is the right thing to do?

However, collecting data, selecting criteria for prioritization, and presenting it in an understandable and coherent way can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are tools that can help!

But do you need an Instagram analytics tool?

While it’s clear that Instagram understands the importance of its platform for brands and businesses (after all, 60% of Instagram users find new products on the platform), the Insights feature enabled on business pages like this one. Businesses help but not completely.

The necessary metrics are often hidden under different tabs, you are completely limited to the time frames for the data you want to see.

In addition, your own analysis is also a type of insight that you can gain information about by analyzing other users’ Instagram posts that are also available to the public.

  • Find Instagram influencers.
  • Discover the best performance for your posts.
  • Check the popularity and reputation of your competitors among Instagram users

You can do these things in two ways: create an Excel sheet and regularly and manually update it or register in one of the Instagram analysis tools.

As a social media marketer, choosing a new social media marketing tool is the best way to go.

Finding the best Instagram strategy that fits your business or fits your budget takes a lot of time: you have to find tools, review, and try tools.

That’s why we want to list the complete details for each Instagram analytics tool.

Here are 10 of the best tools for getting Instagram data:

1. Insights on Instagram

We can’t start this list without talking about clear solutions and native analytics for Instagram.

While most social media platforms Instagram provides a series of insights and knowledge about audience activity, content performance, specific posts and stories, etc.

You can access all of this information from the applications under the Reports tab. There you will see three groups.

  • Activity: Shows how many people have achieved it.
  • Content: Analyzing the statistics of specific posts, stories and advertisements.
  • Audience: Gives you demographic data.

There are many bugs in Instagram Insights, including:


  • It does not hold specific data.
  • You cannot choose a typical period of time to view the data.
  • Data cannot be output.

All these analyzes will show and further evaluate the strategy of Instagram.

2. Later

You shouldn’t be proud of your Instagram analytics, but it should be to prove how well a social media manager can help a business in this way.

The value of analytics is that you can act on it and adjust your strategy, and even later it enables you to do this on a dashboard.

This shows that the analysis is in four separate tabs:

Overview, audience, post-performance and story performance

Overview: This dashboard shows you the main metrics like the number of posts, followers, impressions, as well as your progress and growth over time. It also highlights your performance from your previous 30 posts. This dashboard is included in any app that is available for free.

Audience: Gives you access to demographic and user data and can learn their age, gender, location, language, how they speak, and spend a better time on this active platform.

Post-Performance: Go deep into your latest post’s information and see if it shows specific metrics like comments and likes, as well as saves, and reach. These posts can be ranked based on all of the aforementioned metrics.)

Story Performance: This tab gives you a lot of analytics over the past three months. It captures information about completion rate, average number of comments per user, content views, content reach, and responses. Completion rate » It can help you optimize the best story to get a better result.

Perhaps the most effective and unique feature is Best Time to Post: this is a part of the dashboard that is programmed and analyzes past performance to tell you when your posts have a chance to do the best.

You can use these views to change your schedule without opening new tabs.

If you’re looking for an Instagram solution, later is a great choice! In addition to Instagram, you can also schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

3. Quintly

Quintly is a tool that works with Instagram and captures all the data needed to evaluate performance and help on how to improve it.

The dashboard shows overall performance for a selected time period as well as statistics for individual posts.

What’s nice to know about quintly is that it doesn’t show you the stats you only see on your Instagram, and the stats it does show can be used in actual tips for your Instagram strategy.

In addition, quintly supports data for expired Instagram Stories, which is not available in the Instagram app itself.

You should know when the best day or the best time to interact is.

You should definitely think about what kind of content and what kind of hashtag brings you the most followers.

Do you want to know which of your stories lead to the most interactions?

All raw data can be exported in CSV, xls, PDF, JPG format and you can set up automatic reports, which will be sent to you and your recipient automatically. You can also share interactive reports via a link.

Quintly is the best fit for large brands and social media agencies that need to understand the impact of their social media strategy and optimize it according to their goals.

That said, quintly supports multiple social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a social media analytics solution.


This is a tool that does not interact with Instagram Insights, instead, it uses other users’ Instagram data for a very specific purpose. Instagram is a place for influencer marketing.

However, if you decide to add influencer marketing to your strategy, you will need a tool to research this market, find this tool so that you can target your audience, and choose the audience that fits be your brand.

All these things can be done with HYPR.

HYPR is a database based on the analysis of data from influencers. This article will show you trending topics for the influencer, hashtags, brand names, and recently used keywords and follower demographics.

You can search the database by keywords, topics, names, and filter Instagram categories. Influencers are based on gender, age, education, and income level.

To organize the influencer, you can categorize the influencers into each group and analyze the collected data.

You can launch a campaign with six influencers based on the list:

  • Find the type of audience you want to reach.
  • Check if contacts overlap.
  • See who launched this campaign model.

You can output the list in PDF format, which includes specific analysis, and you can use the whole group as well as the analysis of individual people in this list.

Furthermore, HYPR does not stop at the discovery of influencer marketing. This allows you to monitor your ad activity and display analytics for all posts as well as overall campaign performance.


This shows that interactive audiences go hand-in-hand and identify suspicious activity. Also, rank influencers to participate in the campaign based on how well they are performing.

HYPR is also an analyzer that checks the health of your account to make sure the influencer is really making an impact. Basically, it tells you what percentage of your audience is inactive, which can identify influencers who buy followers.

HYPR is a marketing tool that supports multiple levels besides Instagram (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest). We recommend it for social media agencies and commercial brands that regularly run influencer marketing campaigns.

5. Hootsuite Analytics

Primarily known as a social media publishing tool, Hootsuite helps you create scheduled posts not just for Instagram, but for most major social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

In addition to scheduling, the app provides users with powerful social media analytics.

The Analytics Hootsuite consists of three tabs:

Summary: It shows the general situation on Instagram, such as the number of posts, followers, and the amount of interaction over time. It automatically compares your data with past performance to provide a vision of your future.

Post-Performance: This metric explores specific posts. You can also see how this type of content and publishing time affects your data and change your strategy accordingly. These views are organized into a filterable list.

Reporting: This tab enables you to share the most important insights with your team, stakeholders, and management. This feature can also be a great way to highlight what’s important to you: because all reports are highly customizable, you can choose what you want to see on one dashboard.

One of Hootsuite’s features is like being an ear in social networks, so this feature will enable you to analyze hashtag performance and monitor your “competitors”.

6. Squarelovin

Squarelovin is one of the best Instagram tools that has two main features:

  • Analytics presented in a clear and intuitive way.
  • A website that allows you to create a shopping gallery of ideas out of user generated content.

Analytics by Squarelovin organizes Instagram data into several categories. Monthly analytics focus metrics for specific posts, engagement, Instagram optimization, and your audience.

The postings dashboard shows you how you’ve earned your account over history, and what year, month, day of the week, and even hour are most useful for your posts.

On interactive dashboards, it shows the dynamics in the number of likes and comments.

You can see the demographic data of your followers in the dashboard.

The most interesting feature is the optimization tab, where you can get some tips based on practical data:

  • Best time to post more interactions.
  • The best filter to use.
  • The best thing you have ever done.
  • What are the top hashtags on Instagram right now?

This tool will be the best option for small businesses and retailers who first and foremost want to use data insights to adjust their Instagram strategy.

7. Iconosquare

There are two ways Iconosquare can help you make an impact on Instagram: a free trial account and the second through Instagram and tools.

Handling a demo Instagram account allows you to connect your account and immediately get an evaluation report on your profile that gives you an overall optimization score and then estimates four main areas.

  • Account settings (bio, avatar)
  • Account activity (posts, follower/following ratio)
  • Audience interaction
  • Content strategy

Addressing identifies areas where you can improve and tells you how to do it.

This tool allows you to manage your Instagram and Facebook pages from one place. You can schedule posts, reply to DMs, monitor competitor activity, and analyze your social media data.

Iconosquare’s analytics are split between multiple dashboards.

An overview of the metrics: the number of followers, the number of interactions, the number of unique accounts that saw your post, and the total number of times your post was seen in the selected period of time.

Shows engagement, likes and comments and saves history, calculates average number of engagements for you, shows time periods and posts.

The community captures all the demographic data of its followers: their age, gender, language and location.


Reach shows the date of “impressions” and “reach” as well as the type of post. When your followers are online and shows the posts with the highest level of reach.

Profile activity hosts all information related to profile interactions: profile views, bio link clicks, click contact information.

Stories are self-explanatory that analyze metrics like impressions, reach, completion rate, etc.

Albums allow you to analyze data from a collection of posts: Let’s say you want to analyze posts that are part of your latest marketing campaign, just create an album and add posts with the campaign hashtag to it.

You can set the tool to send daily, weekly and monthly account data in PDF or Excel format.

If you don’t use the Instagram analytics tool (and if you do, why are you reading this article?),

I recommend downloading Iconosquare Instagram Insights to identify weak points in your strategy

Like the tool itself, it has a lot of features for big brands with a strong focus on Instagram marketing.

8. Sprout Social

If you need an all-in-one social media platform, Sprout Social is exactly what you’re looking for.

Your control center for all things social media:

  • release
  • message
  • Supervision
  • analyze
  • Manage your social media team.

And it supports all major social media platforms, including Instagram.

Naturally, Sprout Social has a robust analytics platform for Instagram. You can review both your business and personal accounts, which is a rarity for Instagram analytics tools.

Competitors’ Instagram profile analysis is also available.

The Instagram Business Profile dataset is divided into three sections: Overview, Profiles, and Demographics

An overview of your dashboard provides immediate insight into your performance.

Along with historical data, it is available in the Instagram app. For example, “reach”, “impressions”, followers, etc., this will analyze your publishing habits.

Sprout Social tells you what types of posts perform best, what gets you the most use and how to best use hashes, how many DMs you answer, and more.

On some dashboards, you have story analytics. Sprout Social keeps data so you can evaluate story performance over the long term, even though Instagram itself has a two-week limit on story data.

Demographics dashboard shows the demographic data of your followers.

Profile Dashboard allows you to compare overall metrics from multiple Instagram profiles.

As mentioned above, Sprout Social is a social media management tool for a multitude of social networks, so if you’re looking for a publishing-to-reporting solution that supports the major platforms, Sprout Social is the tool for you.

9. Social Bakers

Social Bakers is designed with social media organizations and large teams in mind. This will optimize your workflow, allow you to assign tasks to your teammates, and reach your contacts and ads.

Like Iconosquare, Social Bakers provides a free Instagram analytics option. Free reports provide the following insights:

  • Most liked posts
  • Comment on the top posts
  • Top hashtags
  • Post distribution every month
  • Top filters
  • The most tagged profile

If you decide to take the Social Bakers experience, you’ll be able to analyze metrics, monitor hashtags, and discover influencers.

You can generate cross-channel reporting to match your Instagram performance against other social media channels.

A unique feature is competitive modeling: you can add multiple Instagram profiles and compare those using publicly available data.

Another useful feature of Competitor Control is the ability to create feed content from your competitors’ profiles, so you can keep an eye on their activity.

The Social Bakers platform is specifically developed for competitor monitoring and control, so if you need to double your sales in the field of social media marketing, this is the tool for you.

10. Awario

You will be notified whenever someone mentions your brand on social media. However, if you’re tagged, it’s very easy to lose the value of a mention, and think about all the tips you’ll learn about: all posts that talk about your business and don’t tag it with the @ symbol.

Now imagine understanding all of these mentions, tags, and those tags in the same way:

Who is tagging you?

What language do they speak?

How are they talking positively or negatively about your brand?

People often speak in general terms.

Awario does exactly that. It collects all the mentions and analyzes them to get valuable insights.

One of the main uses for it is brand monitoring: seeing who’s talking about your brand, checking negative reviews, etc. However, you can use the tools in many ways.

You can monitor keywords related to your niche to find out more about your target audience, or you can monitor your competitors’ brands to identify your Instagram contribution.

When you use the tool, it quickly accesses historical data, giving you access to your keywords.

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