Parallax has different meanings. Parallax is a Greek word meaning vision difference but also harmony. You have probably noticed some differences in web designs. If we want to give an example, we can refer to websites that, by scrolling, the background, which is in the form of a photo, moves faster and causes a difference in visibility. This type of website design is called parallax website design. In the following, we will pay more attention to this model of websites and examine their advantages and disadvantages. So stay with Orangency until the end.

Site design with parallax method

First, let’s take a closer look at these websites and tell you how to implement the parallax method. This method of site design depends entirely on the movement of your mouse cursor and displays different effects with different types of mouse movement. These effects can be, moving from left to right and vice versa, moving from top to bottom, zooming and… To be able to design a parallax website, you must first be proficient in HTML5, CSS3, Jquery. Of course, you will also need a professional graphic designer. Of course, if your site is a WordPress site, you can find plugins for this type of design and install them on your website. Of course, there are different ways to design a parallax site, but one of the most widely used methods is to use the data- [name] = yourdata attribute that front end programmers are familiar with. In this method [name] is a variable that you define and your data is a variable. For example, if you want to change the speed variable with this attribute, you can do this: data-speed = “20”. In the following link, you can see examples of the best sites designed by the parallax method:

Advantages of parallax website design

This design method is a great option for landing occasional screws and they are very good in terms of marketing and digital campaigns. This style can also be used to introduce products, services and brands. The beauty of this style of design has its advantages and first of all it makes the user trust you more and give a special credibility to you and your website. Many big brands used parallax site design to introduce their products and services. If you are familiar with Google Analytics tools such as bonce rate and time on page, you can see the very good effect of parallax site design on these statistics.

Decrease bounce rate

Bonce rate is one of the most well-known indicators of web analytics for webmasters. In a simple explanation, the bounce rate means that the user who enters your page will leave your page without any action. That means do not click on anything and stay on that page for a while. Bonce rate is one of the most important factors for search engines to rank websites and the lower your bonce rate, the more ideal it is. Parallax site design reduces the bounce rate of your site pages to a great extent and users become more active on your page and may even click on your animated elements out of curiosity.

Increase time on page

Time on page or other time spent on a page of the site are other very important factors for a website. The higher the time on page, the more the user interacts with your page and wants to spend more time on the page. Time on page, like bounce rate, is one of the most important factors for search engine, especially Google search engine, and it measures websites. Parallax site design increases the user’s time spent on your page because these designs have a great visual effect and people generally like them and spend more time viewing the page.

Disadvantages of parallax site design

Of course, designing a parallax site with its advantages also has its drawbacks that cause many people to give up designing the site in this way. Of course, to design a site in parallax method, you have to use a lot of css and js code, as well as heavy graphic designs, which can affect many things, which we will say in the following.

Heavy page size

As mentioned above, due to the use of css and javascript code and the use of jquery library and placing multi-layered images will increase the volume of your page.. Late loading of the page causes many users to not be able to enter the page and the page does not actually come up or is late. It can be said that almost all pages designed by parallax are not optimal and take a long time to load. One of the main reasons is that javascript code takes a long time to calculate the value of variables and apply them.

Impact on SEO

SEO is necessary for any website and to have a technically sound website, you must work on your SEO. As mentioned above, parallax design takes a long time to load. It is usually recommended not to use parallax design for store and corporate sites and to use this design model for single-page sites and intro or personal sites. Page speed is very important for ranking by Google. In this design method, due to high time load, page load speeds increase. In many cases, taking more than 3 seconds to load the page causes many users to leave the page; Of course, we said that the parallax design has a positive effect on the bounce rate, but only if the page is not slow and loads quickly.

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