In the following article, we intend to have a complete introduction of the Bootstrap framework. Web design and building websites and web applications requires a beautiful and orderly appearance, which is done through Bootstrap. Bootstrap framework is very popular among all types of frameworks due to its great advantages, including the grid method, which is related to the layout of a web page.

Sometimes it is difficult and time consuming for a person to create the appearance of a site or in fact to do features and zero to one hundred coding, but using the Bootstrap framework helps us to place different functions in the desired code and in time Save yourself. To know what is Bootstrap framework? What features does it have and where are its uses and how is it taught, stay with us.

What is the Bootstrap framework?

In the explanation “What is the Boot Sport framework?” It can be said that in the active market of website design. various frameworks is used, which due to its high performance, the bootstrap is very popular and desirable. Strap frameworks make it easy to be responsive in designing and building a website.

In fact, depending on the size of each device, it allows us to choose the right responsive. For example, if we want to do a kind of design for a mobile phone, we can consider the size of the phone according to the wide range of Bootstrap and make precise settings for it.

In fact, the Bootstrap framework has a variety of classes that build and design the website for a variety of devices with a variety of sizes such as mobile, laptop and other operating systems.

What does the bootstrap do?

Bootstrap allows us to select an appropriate class instead of writing multiple codes and use it in html code. Sometimes it happens to you that you design an application on one device that opens easily in some browsers, but when you want to open it in another browser, you run into problems. This happens when we use a framework other than Bootstrap.

Because these frames have the ability to be opened on all devices by all browsers. The Bootstrap framework also supports the following sections:

Bootstrap framework applications

Frameworks can provide us with all the sections we need with ready-made code to run our program or site efficiently. Uses The Bootstrap framework is used for a variety of small and large projects.

Most of the use of frameworks is of the strap type for cases that have several features that we are going to build from. But given the amount of time it takes us, we go for Bootstrap. It can be said that the Bootstrap framework is responsible for a large part of the feature building. Most people who work in the field of functionality and know that they will lose a lot of time if they are looking to build a lot of features use Bootstrap.

Because the Bootstrap framework can do more than 80% of their site design and these people can safely focus on their project. Due to the many capabilities of Strap, programmers know that the appearance and structure of their site is well done by Bootstrap. On the other hand, when designing a site, we need to share different features. Features such as Drop, Down, Crosser, etc., for which the bootstrap framework can be used instead of coding.

Bootstrap framework installation methods

In order to use Framestrap to advance the goals of our site design, there are two ways to install. One way to install the Bootstrap framework is Basic mode. BASIC as a base in turn has two types of CDN and BOOTSTROP.

CDN method

CDN means that the various Bootstrap libraries are hosted, and we as a user can access these libraries through links. Visiting various websites is easily done according to the path provided by Bootstrap, which is due to the use or installation of CDN.

This action increases the loading speed of the site and we can easily access the edges of web pages and use their information in projects.


In the second case, the installation method is effective for professionals, which is in ADVANCE mode.

These individuals or professional programmers can benefit from this installation method from LESS and SASS and use the capabilities of the Bootstrap framework in many small and large projects.

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