In the last two articles, we talked about the types of footers and their importance in website design. Today we want to talk to you about the makeup of this part of the website.

Traditional footers

In the past, footer was rarely considered an important and influential part of web design. There are many sites that still use traditional footers in their website design. These footers often contain some important links as well as the copyright text and the material and intellectual property rights of the website in this important section. In previous years, it was believed that because the footer forms the bottom of the page in the design of the site is not considered and used by users.

The fact is that the traditional footer of yesterday, today has become a small site map (mini sitemap). Research and studies have shown that the proper use of mini sitemap in the design of the footer of the site leads to more sales and also improves the website optimization process and it will bring more clicks.

Mini sitemap

If you have a large website, you need to use a mini sitemap when designing a footer. When users do not find what they are looking for at the top of the website or the website menu, they will look for it in the footer. This is where you need to pay attention when designing your site and put the important links of your site in separate categories.

Placing too many links in the top menu of the site can be confusing; Therefore, put the important links at the top of the site and the rest of the links in the footer section.

When you turn your site footer into a mini sitemap, you ease the user’s mind that he has everything he needs. One of the reasons is that unlike the top menus that are created when sliding the site – the user needs to move the mouse pointer or click on the menu to open the sub-menus – all the site footer links are in front of the user and visible to him and this makes the user feel more comfortable and saves time to weave the desired link.

Footer design of the website

An effective mini sitemap needs to be designed to consist of specific categories with a subset of links. Otherwise, users will have trouble checking the links. If the website footer is not designed in this way, a lot of time will be taken from the user to check the links and find the desired link.

Also, if you have a lot of links in the footer, be sure to design your website in such a way that there is a proper distance between the links. This is especially important for users who view your site with a mobile phone.

In any case, it should be said that when designing your site, do not neglect the importance of proper footer design. Using a mini sitemap is not necessary for all websites, but for large sites that have many links, and especially when designing an e-commerce website, this issue is important so that the user can easily and with one click to categorize products or services that Wants access.

Footer of the site is also one of the factors influencing the SEO process. This is done both by improving the user experience and by creating a proper and effective link structure in site optimization; Therefore, paying attention to footer design is one of the important points in website design and optimization that has been ignored by many web designers and web design companies in the past and even today. This will reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of the site and not achieve the real potential of the website for higher sales and attract more audience.

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