If you read our article yesterday, you realize the importance of footer in web design.

Now we want to tell you very important points in this regard so that you can use them to have an ideal website.

The design of the footer should be as simple as possible

When you want to provide important information to a user in a part of the site, it is very important that the design of the site in that part is as simple as possible to prevent the viewer from being distracted by graphic effects, designs and roles, and draw his attention to important information and elements. In designing the footer of the site, try to avoid clutter and complexity and put appropriate distances between different elements. You should also be careful about the size of the footer so that it is not too small or too large.

Put your main links in the footer section of the site

Placing the main menu elements in the footer design of the site makes your site design flexible in dealing with users. Putting links like “About Us” or “Contact Us” is appropriate in many cases. You can also link to the “Services” or “Articles” section of your website when designing the footer of the site, thus helping users to more easily access the information they want.

Put your contact information in the footer of the site

In addition to the fact that you can put the link of the “Contact Us” page in the footer, the site can be designed in such a way that the basic contact information such as main phones, e-mail and even the address are placed in the footer of the site and thus users will find your contact information more easily.

Do not forget to include social network icons in your site footer design

Placing different social media icons in the footer when designing a site has become a pervasive thing on various sites today, and users who are looking for links to your social networks expect to find them in the footer of your website. So you need to act according to the expectations of your potential customers and design your site in such a way that in addition to these links are available to the user, they are also attractive. You can also make the appearance of these icons more interesting by placing hover effects.

Put the registration button of your website in the footer clearly

If one of the goals of designing your site is to attract the audience and increase the user, placing the registration or membership button on the site in the footer section can help you a lot in achieving this goal.

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