Today, the design of the footer (bottom part of the site) is as important as the header (top part) in the design of the website. Even according to surveys, in many cases, website visitors pay more attention to the website footer than the site header; Therefore, the elements that are included in this section when designing the website are very important.

Footer is a place where you can make special offers, link to articles, or include social media icons. Many designers ignore the importance of this part of the website when designing the site and use incorrect elements in it. It should be noted that footer is not a local website for graphic design or a place to put a lot of confusing content.

Footer is important in website design in several ways

A place to put the technical and legal information of the website

The website footer is one of the places that attracts the most attention of people to find technical information or the website owner’s royalties.

Considering the footer as a website map

One of the features that should be considered for the footer in web design is that the local footer is suitable for placing site maps and links that may be out of sight of the user. Many websites use this section as a lever to direct the user to important pages of the website or to invite the user to do something on the site (such as registration, etc.).

Using footer in the direction of SEO

Site map is actually a file that contains all the pages and links of the website and is very important for SEO, but if in addition to having the correct site map, you have set up the proper footer system of your website, a lot of help You have done a lot to properly guide the user and optimize your site.


The footer section of the site design can be used as a place to place a trust mark, security seals and valid certificates to validate the website as well as build trust and confidence in the user.

In the next article, we will talk to you about the type of footer on a website and explain what information is best to put in this section of your website.

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