We first define the server with a simple example and then extend this example to understand a dedicated server and select a suitable server. In the previous series “What is a host?” And “What is a virtual server?” We talked about the example of the virtual world and the virtual city. In this example we said to imagine a space like a city but virtually in your mind, in the real world we need everything you need in the virtual world.

A simple example

Now suppose you want to start a large company. The company could be a department store, or an exhibition, a movie theater, a software or IT development, an accounting firm, or whatever. To start a large company with a population of more than 100 employees or a store with more than 500 customers per day or to start a cinema with more than a few hundred customers per day, you certainly can no longer provide a single unit or a simple space. In this case, you will definitely need a large, dedicated building to do this.

The connection of this example with the virtual world

The same is true in the virtual world. If you have a large e-commerce website, a subscription site or a video stream, if you have an online school, if you have an accounting firm, or anything else that has a lot of users visiting your site every day, other hosting space or a VPS will not meet your needs and you must have at least one dedicated server.

Dedicated server applications

As mentioned, servers are usually a powerful computer, but it should be noted that due to the required power and stability, the technology of building servers is different from ordinary computers. Servers also take up less space than regular computers, despite their higher power. The server is used in various fields, some of which are as follows:

  • Hosting websites
  • Control, management and evaluation of computer networks
  • Use for email server, database server, process server and…
  • Used in various technical disciplines of engineering, medicine, military and…
  • Use to store information
  • And hundreds more…

Dedicated servers, depending on the hardware on them, may be ordinary with very powerful. Due to the fact that servers usually have to be available for a very long time and hardware stability is very important in them, special technology is used to increase the service life of server components.

Use of servers in hosting websites

Servers are used to host websites and their web design files. In this way, the desired server is located in the data center and connects to the Internet with a very high speed and a dedicated IP. This server is provided to hosting companies for configuration and preparation so that they can provide the necessary infrastructure for hosting websites.

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