When you rent a business unit, all the space in that unit is privately owned, but the hallway or elevator is shared to access that unit. They may also be shared in some sources, such as water or electricity.

Virtual Private Server” is a small part of a server, just like a unit of a building. When you set up a VPS, you have all the dedicated virtual server space for your web design files and … But network and server access, which are like a corridor or elevator to access a virtual server, are shared.

A virtual server is part of the resources of a dedicated server on which you run your operating system and applications virtually. All virtual server resources are provided to the user in a dedicated and reserved manner.

Types of VPS

When you buy a virtual server, you come across different types of names. Here are some of the most common virtual server titles in separate categories. If you want to set up a virtual server, you need to be careful about where the data center on your host server is located. It is very important that the data center is in your country or outside of that. Of course, it may only be necessary to be in a specific country. The choice of whether your VPS virtual server is in your cpuntry or outside of that depends entirely on the data center, which we will discuss some of their features below.

Network speed

The network speed in connecting to your country virtual server is much higher than outside. Be careful not to be fooled by some ads, some say that the server of your country is faster. Your country virtual server speed means only the speed of the network and data transfer to the server, and the speed of the server itself depends on the server hardware and not on the geographical location. Also note that the high speed of your country virtual server network is only suitable for your country users. If the virtual server users are outside of your country, your country virtual server may not be a good option.


The cost of providing a virtual serverin your country is cheaper than a virtual server outside of that, and the cost of network traffic inside your country is much lower for virtual server users.


Security is always relative and it cannot be said that one country virtual server is more secure and depends exactly on the intended security systems. Part of the security depends on the software and operating system of the virtual server, and the other part depends on the data center and the network security that the data center provides for you.

Stability and availability

Your country virtual servers are available due to the use of national network if the global Internet is out of reach. Of course, it is only available for users who are in your country.


Due to the availability of provider companies and ease of communication, you can easily change or add or subtract your virtual server in your country, as well as use additional features.


If you have a high-traffic website and services for your country users, providing a virtual server in your country can have some effect on the SEO of your site.

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