In the previous section, we looked at a few things that may be asked in a web design interview. Today we want to continue this discussion together.

Key questions in a website design interview

What would be your reaction if the employer did not like your plan or asked you to make changes that you did not consider necessary?

You may not be asked the exact same question, but rest assured they will ask you something similar. For example, the question of how to deal with disagreements with other team members? Why is this question important and must it be asked somehow? Because your ability to communicate effectively with the employer or project on the one hand and other team members on the other hand has a direct impact on the success of any project.

Disagreements occur at every stage of the project and teamwork. It is important that you are able to defend your work and meet the needs and opinions of the project owner and not be an obstacle to the work of the team.

Are you familiar with this year’s site design trends? Which do you think is more appropriate for our site?

This is where the specialized questions begin. This question basically asks for your expert opinion. You must have researched in advance to answer this question. You need to prepare several possible answers, of course for a reason. You have to say with reason why these few website design trends in 2021 are the most suitable for this particular project or this particular site. You have to show your knowledge and mastery with your answer.

What do you do if you want to design our site from scratch?

Questions 5 and 6 are similar. You may have a task for projects to build a website from scratch or to work on a website that someone else has already designed. Maybe the first designer has also sabotaged and you will have to correct those sabotages. This is exactly the assumption of question 6. Your employer wants to get to know your mindset and outlook. Your answer to this question will greatly demonstrate your ability to identify and resolve deficiencies. So if there is a website that has been pre-designed, check it out carefully and come up with a plan to fix the flaws in the interview.


Are you familiar with UX in site design?

You know that UX is very, very important in website design. As a web designer, you have to interact with the UX designer. For this reason, it is better to be familiar with the principles of UX, and if you have this skill, what is better. Just make sure you have a good portfolio ready to demonstrate your UX design capabilities.


Which programming languages ​​are you fluent in?

You know that you need to be fluent in both HTML and CSS. The basis of web design is HTML. For this reason, some of the specialized questions in web design interviews are about coding in this language. How much better if you are fluent in other languages ​​like JavaScript and PHP. You have to be very well prepared to answer these specialized questions. These specialized questions cannot be listed because they are so diverse. For example, you may be asked how to put a photo as a background on a web page or how to have a responsive web design?

What is the best site you have ever designed and are proud of, why?

If you are not a novice designer, you will be asked to talk about your previous projects and the challenges you have experienced. It is in response to these questions that your mastery of the website design process and your various skills will show itself. Spend a lot of time preparing this section for your resume. Highlight your best designs. Prepare yourself to talk about its best design, its challenges, and its challenges.

If you are new, do not worry at all. You still have to do your best designs. You novices pay close attention to the tips and advice written in the summary section of this article.


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