Given the popularity and power of both WordPress and Joomla software, we will compare the two below. For those of you who may be skeptical about choosing between WordPress and Joomla!


WordPress software is popular for its ease of use and can be installed within 5 minutes. This allows newbies and new users to get their website or blog up and running in seconds. After installing WordPress, the user will see a complete user interface with a specific menu, which allows you to add any number of posts and pages and customize the web design. Joomla’s installation speed is not as fast as WordPress, but it is similar. When Joomla is installed, the user is directed to a dashboard that is not as simple and intuitive as WordPress and has many menus that may confuse the customer.


Both software have a reliable security system and respond quickly to security vulnerabilities. They back up add-ons and increase security efficiency. WordPress and Joomla are both good at security.


WordPress has a special support organization, along with a wide community of users. Customers can get support from support forums, instructions and documentation. WordPress websites provide a lot of valuable video tutorials, guides, articles, and information in general. WordPress support can be both free and paid. It is better to work with WordPress experts. Those who have experience and skills in working with WordPress. Joomla is just like WordPress and has strong support. But finding Joomla developers is hard. Finding someone who is a Joomla expert and does a good job is time consuming.


WordPress with several themes and plugins (38000) allows its users to change the look of their website in the shortest time. You can install themes or plugins from the official WordPress website at any time and make changes to your website for free. For those who prefer premium plugins with the best support, there are many paid plugins and themes. Joomla, like WordPress, offers templates and extensions, but they are not very high quality and it is very difficult to find a plugin that perfectly suits your needs. Unlike WordPress, the Joomla structure does not allow extensions and templates to be installed from the admin environment.


Joomla may be more flexible than WordPress, but it surpasses WordPress in terms of usability, support community, and variety of plugins. However, your content management system should be chosen based on the customer’s goal. If your website is based solely on interaction, such as contact form and social media sharing, and you do not want it to be more, WordPress is for you. For those who are constantly updating their website, Joomla is a good choice. However, before choosing your software, take a look at your business plan and see if your website needs more advanced settings. This will help you make the right choice.

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