In this article, we are going to start an exciting journey with you to the fascinating world of website design and programming and teach you all the material you need to become a professional. The article that you are going to read in the following will teach you all the basic concepts of website design and programming that you must master in the path of learning programming or website design with a completely logical procedure and will clear your doubts.

Web programming

If you are familiar with the definition of programming, you know that a programmer instructs computers to perform a (logical) operation using some commands (codes).

A web developer does the same thing, with the difference that this web developer writes programs that are executed by a web server or, in simple words, writes web pages that are executed by a web browser.

For example, a free website speed analysis service is a web application written in a specific programming language and implemented on the web platform.

Web programming languages

Certainly, one of the most basic concepts and course important steps in website programming is knowing and choosing a programming language. But before that, you should get familiar with two concepts and trends of web programming languages.

Now, with an example, I will introduce two concepts of server-side and client-side that you may have heard in the past. Computers are generally divided into two parts, server, and client, to communicate with each other.

In the world of the web, this connection is fully established and the systems and spaces on which website information is stored are called servers. Now, when we search for a website address in the web environment; That is, we send a request to a server and that server shows what we requested to us (the client).

Server-side programming languages

A dynamic site should be able to interact with the database and display appropriate codes to the user. Of course, it should be noted that each of the server-side programs can be used alone or in combination with other server-side programming languages.

But the most important server-side programming languages:

  • net programming language
  • PHP programming language (the most common web programming language)
  • Java programming language
  • Python programming language

Client-side programming languages

Website design is concentrated in this section and designers can program and design the site environment for you using the following languages.

  • HTML markup language
  • Css programming language
  • Java script programming language

But why web programming?

Website programming, along with website design, is considered one of the most lucrative jobs in our country, and this has made many people interested in learning website programming.

An important issue that is usually not paid attention to in website programming training is the incorrect integration of website design and programming and the lack of a logical roadmap in the path of learning programming and website design. These courses are often suitable for people who have a reasonable prerequisite in website design and development and are ready to gain experience and learn its details.

Web Design

Now that you are familiar with the concept of web programming, it is time to start designing the web; Web design is basically what you are facing right now and you see it on your monitor screen.

Website design means designing and building a website or optimizing the design of an old website on the web platform.

All the elements, visual elements, etc. that you see on different sites are the result of the efforts and design of a web designer.

For web design, client-side languages that you are familiar with are used. A website designer with mastery of these languages, having a code editor as well as an internet browser; can implement his idea easily.

Since the web designer is in direct contact with the user, he must always be aware of the current design methods and trends and master the basic principles of experience and user interface and be able to apply them correctly in his design.

The difference between a designer and a website programmer

Unfortunately, most people do not have a correct understanding of the difference between the concepts of website design and website programming, and this issue has unfortunately been seen many times among employers.

The most important difference between a web designer and a web developer is that the site designer usually discusses aesthetics, improving the interface and user experience, etc., and must have a more creative and artistic personality and be aware of the trends and latest news in his field of activity.

On the other hand, a programmer or web developer is responsible for the other part of the site, which is also hidden from the user’s view. Basically, for a website programmer, it is very important for the code to be short and perfect execution to respond quickly to the user. Site developers and programmers need a high analytical vision more than creativity.

Where do I start to learn website design and programming?

There are many resources on the web to start teaching website design and programming, and apart from that, you can also use the training classes offered by many institutions in person and online.

But these training courses often have three basic flaws:

  • Training is not without prerequisites.
  • Training is not implemented in a project-oriented and practical way.
  • Some schools and institutions have set very high prices for their courses.

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