If you have just entered the world of programming, you have probably heard the word web design many times. What is website design and how is it different from web programming? “The first question is for beginners in this field and it is possible that you still do not have a complete understanding of the subject. In this article, we tried to get you out of the confusion and on the other hand, we have introduced many useful educational resources.

What is website design?

We have answered your questions about “what is programming” and “what is website design” with the simplest methods and solutions.

The following video is related to the website design question. This video can be the first step to understand what web design is, so it will definitely be useful for you to spend a few minutes.

What is a website?

To answer the question “what is website design”, first of all, we need to know what the word website is. And what is called a website?

Note: We have tried to express it in the simplest language, which may be a bit wrong from a technical point of view. Please be patient until we reach more specialized explanations.

Web / or the World Wide Web, abbreviated as www. Exactly the same is the meaning of today’s internet, which is available to everyone; that anyone with internet and a browser can access the information available in this global network.

What is a website?

By now you must have understood what the concept of the web is. Now we will explain the concept of the website with an example.

The website is similar to the land that we rent for living or working annually; In fact, we can rent a part of the internet and start our own business. So, websites are our rented lands in the internet world, which everyone can use differently according to their needs.

What is website design?

So far we have known the web and the website. Now it’s time to answer the basic question of newbies in the web and website field. What is website design? ”

Again, we want to explain this concept with a simple example:

Every house needs cabinets, paint, various decorations, plastering, etc. for beauty. In the world of internet and earth (website), we should think about the beauty of our website using tools.

Now we have to go back to the previous example, in reality, when we buy land, first we have to buy bricks, rebars, concrete, etc., to build the basic building, then we buy color, flooring and ceramics according to our taste, and for the beauty of the new land Made, we try.

So, with this example, we conclude that website design is anything that helps to make the website more beautiful and visible.

And finally, I must remind you that the website designer has the task of making your website more beautiful. The website designer is the one who determines where all the elements should be displayed on your web page.

Do not confuse website design with web programming! | The fundamental difference between web design and web programming

Newcomers to this field mistakenly equate website design with website programming. While they are two different concepts that cannot replace each other.

The appearance of the website is always the responsibility of the web designer. In simpler words, everything that the user sees while browsing the sites is the result of the work and design of the website designer of that site.

So the website designer designs everything that the users are directly related to.

Unlike the website design, which was completely related to the users, the website programming is executed behind the website and no user will see them. The job of the website programmer is to write the codes that the correct execution of each of these codes will display the appearance of the site correctly for the users.

Who is a website designer and what are his duties?

I hope I have explained the main concepts and definitions you should know with simple examples. The next question that every newbie asks in this field

“What is web design?”

What are the duties of a web designer? ”

A web designer or Front End Designer is someone who is familiar with html/css/JavaScript technologies, who can design the appearance of the site, which usually has nothing to do with behind-the-scenes codes.

Website design languages

As we have briefly mentioned a few things above. Website designers can use different programming languages.

I will introduce 4 technologies below that you should start designing the website from these 4 technologies so that you have at least the knowledge of web design.

  • HTML or HTML5)
  • CSS (or CSS3)
  • JavaScript java script
  • GQuery
  • And…

The first two should be your first steps. You can start designing with Html and CSS, but with the next two items, you can design with more power and beauty.

What you need to know about HTML and CSS:

They are not programming languages, but they are markup and styling languages.

What tools do we need to design a website?

The concept of web, website, who is a website designer? We have explained the duties of a designer, the difference between a web designer and a website.

Now we will answer the final question in this regard, “What tools do we need to design a website?”

You don’t need many facilities to design website pages. Just provide the following.

An environment for writing codes that Windows notepad also starts your work, but you can use more professional IDEs to make your work easier and faster.

A browser such as Chrome and Firefox or… in which we are going to run the written codes.


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