In recent years, most businesses have become aware of the importance of being online and introducing their type of activity in cyberspace. They know how effective online presence is in increasing their potential customers and plan to achieve this goal.

How business information is presented on the website will have a direct impact on the good or bad image of visitors. The web design and layout of the elements on the website is important.

The main page of the website is the most important part of it and you should pay special attention to it. Because the first thing users encounter after entering the website is the homepage. Proper design of this page will greatly affect the perspective of your customers. Therefore, it is necessary to design the main page of the website very attractive and entertaining in order to challenge the user’s mind and encourage him to see other parts of the website.

Professional and principled home page design can attract visitors to spend more time reviewing the product or service you offer and ultimately persuade them to buy.

In this article, we will introduce the important and required elements on the main page of the site.

Introduce your business clearly!

The home page of the site is often the first part that the user encounters. Therefore, this page should be attractive enough to attract his attention at first glance. We recommend that you provide a brief description of your company, products, and type of activity on this page so that users can quickly find out where your website is active.

To ensure that your site homepage is attractive enough to the user and provides answers to their questions in the first few seconds; Ask yourself these questions before you start:

  • Does your homepage clearly explain the company, its products, services and services?
  • Does it explain the benefits of your company, products and services to the user?
  • Is the type of activity of your company, products or services included in the home page?
  • Is your difference from other competitors visible on this page?

Answering these questions will give you the assurance that the site’s homepage clearly shows the nature of your business to customers and quickly gains their trust.

Using short and memorable advertising slogans is an effective marketing technique. If you have such a slogan for your collection, display it on the main page of the site. This will create a better relationship between you and your customers, and they will have lasting memories of your business.

Design a responsive website!

The world is currently experiencing the influx of mobile phones, accounting for almost 60% of global Internet traffic. So we find that website visitors access it through various devices such as desktops, tablets or smartphones. These issues indicate the importance of a responsive website.

Users tend to use websites where they feel more comfortable and have an overall enjoyable experience. Reactive design largely brings this enjoyable experience to the user.

Responsive design means that no matter what device users use to visit your website, their experience should be the same or very similar. In this style, website function design is easy for all users, regardless of the device they use to log in to the site, and they can easily use all parts of the website. They will not need to switch between different devices to access all the features of the site.

Providing a flexible design and prioritizing the response when building a website helps you connect with visitors across all operating systems and ensure that they have a positive experience with your business.

In responsive design, it is important that all site information is displayed clearly to the user and has a smooth and simple user experience, regardless of the screen size or the type of device the visitor is using.

Prioritize the use of dynamic and interactive capabilities!

Most people react better to emotional events and remember them better. This feature can be your template in the design of the website homepage. Because designing a dynamic page that interacts well with the user creates a positive and memorable experience for them.

In other words, choosing a dynamic approach when it comes to designing your home page engages the audience and at the same time encourages them to return to the website by providing a positive and unique experience.

To create a dynamic and exciting home page, you need to consider the following points:

  • Prioritize the use of images, animations, videos, etc. It should be noted that these images and videos should be of acceptable quality and engage the user well.
  • Get help for mini-animations for site headers, menus and buttons, thereby improving the visitor experience.
  • Post 360-degree images of your product or company environment on the website. The use of virtual reality is a new phenomenon in websites that communicates well with users. These images will give people an understanding of your business environment and type of activity, and they will feel more intimate with you.
  • Share news about your company or business area on the site as soon as possible. Also, by updating the information of the company’s products and services, you can make the user feel that you are always looking to optimize the services and features of your products.

Consider site navigation simple and smooth!

Website navigation should be designed to be quite simple and smooth to interact properly with users. If the navigation is inconsistent, users on the site will be confused and ultimately will not enjoy the user experience. This negative action can seriously damage the relationship between you and your customers.

Using simple menus that are easily recognizable along with attractive colors with the right contrast can encourage users to stay on the site and browse.

The user must know at all times where he is on the website. Therefore, it is necessary to think of methods such as highlighting the menu, using different colors or contrast. Keep in mind that tagging different pages makes sense to the user and reassures them that they are not confused on your website.

Encourage users to continue!

Getting visitors to your homepage is a great start, but what do you do with them then?

The best strategy for attracting an audience and making good use of inbound traffic is to use the CTA (Calls To Action) buttons. These buttons can include phrases such as sign up, subscribe to the website newsletter, share content, and more.

If you use CTAs properly, you can easily turn any page of your website from a simple brochure into a powerful sales engine. All you have to do is make sure that the sentences you choose for your actions are appealing, engaging and encouraging to encourage users to continue.

Meet modern standards!

Until a few years ago, website design was completely static and within the framework of symmetry rules. In other words, designers had symmetrical and fixed standards in their minds and avoided presenting creative designs. But in recent years, with the dramatic growth of cyberspace users, the need to present new and attractive ideas has intensified. As a result, designers have moved away from past standards and rules to create dynamic, engaging, and interactive pages with users.

The changes have led web designers and graphic designers to combine creative ideas and techniques with dynamic elements, attractive and cheerful color palettes, use special text fonts, beautiful background music, well-designed white spaces, use of exciting CTA buttons, and more. Finally the development of inclined design approaches.

Because your home page can create or shatter the first impression a visitor makes to your business, it is important to provide an introduction to your company and its products.

Concluding remarks

To design a dynamic, attractive and simple website home page, you need to use modern website design standards. You also need to use the right CTAs to attract users and design responsive website pages.

To have an up-to-date and user-friendly website, constantly update your home page and other parts of your website and use modern website design rules in this way.

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