PHP is one of the most important languages for server-side programming, which is used by many programmers. This language has many frameworks and these frameworks provide many possibilities for programmers. In this article, we will talk about the symphony framework. What is Symfony and what are its uses?

What is the PHP programming language?

Implementing a website is divided into Front-End and Back-End sections, and there are many technologies and languages for implementing these sections. To implement Back-End we need server-side languages, PHP is one of the most popular languages for server-side programming.

PHP is one of the best and most popular web programming languages in the world. The simple and fluent PHP syntax makes learning this language sweet and enjoyable for you and it runs on different operating systems due to its multi-platform (Cross Platform).

PHP is mainly used in server-side programming of sites, but it is also used in other areas such as programming back-end for mobile applications, building Rest APIs, and so on.

Today, about 70% of the world’s sites are implemented with PHP, and large sites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, etc. use this language. You can use different books to learn PHP and speed up the process of learning the popular PHP language.

What is the Symfony framework?

Frameworks are a set of standards that accelerate the work of programmers in site and application development, and their use has many advantages in the project. Sites can be built with Pure PHP or one of the language’s frameworks, depending on factors such as programmer skills and implementation complexity.

Symphony is a set of PHP components based on the MVC architecture and is the only framework that fully complies with PHP standards. Symfony is easy to install and configure on most platforms, and its best feature is the ability to reuse its PHP components.

The framework has a standalone database engine and is written to fit the best implementation methods and web design templates. Symfony lets you easily use other PHP libraries alongside it.

This framework has many user associations and is easier for professional and experienced developers to work with than other frameworks such as Laravel. These factors have made Symphony the third most popular framework for developers after Laravel and CodeIgniter.

What are the limitations of the Symfony framework?

Of course, there are reasons why Symphony loses first and second place and is satisfied with bronze. Symphony performance has always been discussed.

Symphony is less used in the implementation of social networks because it has little performance in real-time applications and is not able to respond to a large number of users simultaneously.

Of course, using PHP7 eliminates this weakness to some extent, but in some cases this limitation can not be ignored and programmers have to replace another framework.

As mentioned above, working with this framework is easier for experienced and professional people. Of course, Symphony features are worth learning, but if you want to start learning PHP, it is better to choose a simpler framework.

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