We hear a lot about increasing engagement on social media, but there is not much talk about increasing engagement on the site. However, engaging your website visitors is crucial to your company’s success.

Note: When users engage with the website, they are more likely to buy your product, recommend you to their friends, or stay with you longer.

In this article, we look at some ways you can increase user engagement with your website and show you how you can measure your progress in this area.

Create a Content flow

Getting started with something that may seem simple but actually takes a lot of hard work to get it right.

Your website needs to be current. It comes down to content and navigation. Simplifying access to the content that users are looking for is the easiest way to engage them on the site.

A few things to keep in mind:


Navigation should be easy to flow and provide the user with a trail flow to help the visitor move from one position on the website to another.

Smart suggestions

Use smart tags and suggestions to guide the user to content that suits their interests. This type of data-driven marketing is much more effective than the general approach.


Divide long pages of text into separate sections with different images, distinguish quotes and other design elements from text on your web design.


Avoid splitting articles into multiple pages. People have long thought that this would help them increase their page rank in search engines, but it only motivates visitors to leave your website.

Use automatic emails to get people back

Engaging users with the website is not a one-time affair. Rather, we want our users to visit the website over and over again. When only 2% of users become customers on the first visit, engaging and interacting with users will not be something that can be ignored.

Once the user is involved and you have saved their email address, it is important that we contact the user when they show interest. For example, by setting up an automated email that will be sent to a known visitor after they visit the website. But it does not do anything like buy or load.

Use notifications when users want to log out

Some online chat systems allow you to display online chat notifications on a web page.

You can edit these notifications to your liking to display messages that grab visitor’s attention or encourage him/her to start a conversation. By interrupting her/his online chat, while avoiding the forced harassment of cross-page pop-ups, it still reminds users that there is more to discover on the web.

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